Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets [FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS] | NBA on ESPN

Take a look at highlights from the primary sport of the 2020-21 NBA common season as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets host Steph Curry, James …

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21 Thoughts to “Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets [FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS] | NBA on ESPN”

  1. Slim Kingslayer Reaper

    Man I didn’t want a blowout. Cause kd was balling out same with uncle drew

  2. BV

    Steph needs to become like Chris Paul and carry the team. That’s one thing we never talk about and that’s his ability to carry

  3. ShiningFinger

    Curry and Klay should leave GSW. And I live in the Bay Area. Team is trash

  4. Arthur Morgan

    The Warriors got whooped

  5. Freaky Ty

    Where draymond at

  6. James Spychalsky

    30 fps really

  7. Mac Anthony

    I thought that Steve Kerr was this genius coach… start coaching… dont have the luxury of having all your top players on the floor… START COACHING

  8. Mac Anthony

    finally, Durant is wearing high tops…. smh… I think that attributed to his injury last season and his foot in general two seasons ago

  9. O Six

    warriors was turning up too much in ‘15-‘18 now the years go by and they washed

  10. ricosauve5

    The sound isn't matching up with the play. It's lagging

  11. Marcus Thomas

    Hate I didn't get to see Wiseman play in more games at Memphis.

  12. Sloppy BAnanna

    Listen people who arent golden state fabs talk bs about draymond and how he needs tk be traded while he still has “value”, he has more on this golden state team than he does anywhere else, but you guys just don’t know cuz you ain’t golden state fans I can list over 100 things draymond has done for this team you just dont get it, but you’ll see it one day when his #23 is retired.-A true warriors fan says that ( also i kinda like the T-wolves)

  13. Caleb W.

    Marv needs to retire. Doesn't know the players names, give it to a younger guy.

  14. William Dean

    Also.. Mychal Mulder needs to be the backup PG not Wanamaker

  15. William Dean

    They really missed Draymond facilitating and him running the defense. Also Chriss needs to play before Looney… he is just too slow. And if Wiggins is not gonna step up.. they need Lee to play his spot. Also they need to run alot of pick and roll with Steph and Wiseman because right now they are the only ones who can consistently score.

  16. Tony Rame

    If I was the warriors and this season looks lost around trade deadline, I would look to break this team up and trade Curry, Klay, Draymond. Get younger and get picks, you could get alot in return right now for those guys. Although Warriors would probably never trade Curry unless he wanted out.

  17. Tony Rame

    Wiggins dont have the fire to play hard. He was suppose to be a generational talent, best since Lebron but he is soft as charmin tissue. Figures anytime they put Embiid in the game at Kansas, they won, Wiggins didnt lead them to winning games. Scouts should really focus on if you effect winning or not. Don't put everything on measurables.

  18. XxkanezxX

    2:23 Wiseman should have dunked that.

  19. Nathan Carney

    Kd and kyrie back baby I can wait to see them destroy teams

  20. Leonidas Carr

    Eye was [email protected] the New NBA Champs…

  21. starboy Jay

    They would have still had durant if they weren't so disrespectful

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