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Go surfing free browser sport (aka Igo/Baduk/Weiqi). Board dimension 9×9. Participant vs participant or laptop, watching video games. Japanese Go rule. No membership registration. PC & Smartphone.

【Find out how to play】
1. This sport is predicated on the Japanese Go rule. (Textual content for inexperienced individuals)
2. The default handicap (komi) is 6.5: Black provides to White in a good sport.

Rank distinction Handicap
0 Komi 6.5
1 Komi 3.5
2 Komi 0.5
3 Reverse komi 2.5
4 Reverse komi 5.5
5 Reverse komi 8.5
6 Reverse komi 11.5
7 Reverse komi 14.5
8 Reverse komi 17.5
9 Reverse komi 20.5
10 Reverse komi 23.5
11 Reverse komi 26.5
12 Reverse komi 29.5
13 Reverse komi 32.5
14 Reverse komi 35.5
15 Reverse komi 38.5
16 Reverse komi 41.5
17 Reverse komi 44.5
18 Reverse komi 47.5
19 Reverse komi 50.5
20 Reverse komi 53.5
21 Reverse komi 56.5
22 Reverse komi 59.5
23 Reverse komi 62.5
24 Reverse komi 65.5
25 Reverse komi 68.5
26 Reverse komi 71.5
27 Reverse komi 74.5
28 Reverse komi 77.5
29 Reverse komi 80.5
Reverse komi 80.5

3. The time restrict is 2 minutes and 30 seconds (that may be modified). It isn’t counted inside 5 seconds. (Easy delay system)
4. An unlawful level: foul defeat (9D-18Okay), warning dialog (19Okay-30Okay).
5. The match is stopped by each passes. If there are stones that may be taken in seki, please take them beforehand. “■” “□” are enabled territories, “×” “+” are disabled territories. When you’ve got modified a match choice from “Auto agree” to “Guide agree”, you may appropriate the results of automated judgment. Please appropriate by clicking (or tapping) stones or territories on the board.
6. At rank match, gamers can rank up by factors; 200 (8D-5D), 100 (4D-1D), 70 (1K-9K), 50 (10Okay-18Okay), 20 (19Okay-25Okay), 10 (26Okay-30Okay).

Rank distinction Handicap sport Even sport
Larger win Decrease win
0 ±10 ±10 ±10
1 ±10 ±5 ±15
2 ±10 ±1 ±19
±10 ±1 ±19

7. Abbreviations used within the sport.

Abbreviation That means
RH Rank match and Handicap sport
RE Rank match and Even sport
FH Free match and Handicap sport
FE Free match and Even sport
RK Reverse Komi

8. Please see additionally the Q&A.

【For inexperienced individuals】
This sport competes for the variety of territories (intersections). Black provides handicap (komi) 6.5 to White in a good sport.

BlackTerritories: BlackIntersections-TakenBlackStones=36-0=36
WhiteTerritories: WhiteIntersections-TakenWhiteStones=27-0=27
SurfaceOfBoard: BlackTerritories-WhiteTerritories=36-27=9 (●Lead)
Consequence: SurfaceOfBoard-Handicap=9-6.5=2.5 (●Win)

1. You possibly can take opponent’s stones by surrounding.

2. You can’t transfer to the place which turns into identical form repetition. As soon as it’s mandatory to maneuver to different locations. This state is named “ko”.

3. In the event you can’t take opponent’s stones, you can not transfer to the place the place your stones are taken.

4. Stones which have two eyes aren’t taken.

5. Black and White can’t transfer to “・”. As a result of even if you wish to take opponent’s stones, your stones are taken first. This state is named “seki”.

6. When you’ve got crammed in every single place that don’t turn out to be a territory corresponding to “・”, please go. The judgment of territories is began by each passes.

7. After the judgment of territories began, stones which can’t make two eyes are eliminated as taken stones.

【Recreation identify】
Mini Go On-line (MiniGoOnline)


The phrases of use, privateness coverage, Q&A, system necessities and get in touch with data are right here.

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