How To Betting on CS:GO?

  • Whether or not you’re wagering your first $1 or betting huge cash, the rules stay the identical. We have consulted with folks that basically know what the hell they’re doing with betting and have distilled that info down into a number of key factors that will help you out:

#1: You Win Some. You Lose Some.

The primary tip for Counter-Strike: World Offensive playing is realizing that you just can’t win each wager. Some gamers lose and begin blaming the groups, web site, or the one who gave them the recommendation, or worse, altering the technique that had been working all alongside. Simply know that any time you place a wager, there’s danger. Even the very best, most worthwhile long-term winners have dropping streaks. Keep inside your means, hold a degree head, and perceive that there’s volatility.


That is an important tip you’ll ever get in CS:GO betting. There are odds throughout the online, however the odds solely mirror what most people thinks and odds will be swayed in a lot of alternative ways. Essentially the most profitable esports bettors are those with skilled opinions on the matches. They use this expertise and data of the groups (particularly their head-to-head matchups) to find inefficiencies within the odds and discover high-value betting propositions. A couple of essential facets to concentrate on are:

A couple of of the very best sources across the net for getting nice information about groups are:

What makes CS:GO nice for betting is that there’s a lot of “talent” concerned. With in-depth analysis and in depth data of the groups, you possibly can achieve a significant benefit over the hoards of lazy gamblers who don’t hassle to analysis or suppose they’re good sufficient to beat the chances alone.

Tip: As a newbie, in case you don’t know a lot concerning the groups then DO NOT BET. Analysis a number of matches extensively and begin small. See which issues rang true and which didn’t matter. There are patterns to each match. Discover them.

#3: Watch Video games

This could go with out saying, however the very best esports bettors are matching fanatics. There’s solely a lot you possibly can study Counter-Strike from studying or gathering knowledge. Watch as many matches as potential to get a really feel for the sport move. Identical to statistics can by no means let you know how properly an NBA participant listens to his teammates on protection or how properly a striker performs below strain, you possibly can by no means get the complete image from studying odds or stats after a CS:GO match. Take note of:

  • Playstyles

  • Maps

  • Workforce Kind

  • Dialog

  • Particular person Gamers

However bear in mind, don’t let it take away from the enjoyment of the sport! In any case, that is why exists…to reinforce your esports expertise!

#4: Make Your Personal Odds and Examine

Nearly all of profitable gamblers beat the chances by making their very own. As soon as you’re outfitted with in depth data of each groups, create your individual betting line in your head. Think about:

  • Match Historical past

  • Present Workforce Kind

  • Head-to-Head Stats

  • Basic Stats

Essentially the most profitable gamblers give you odds which might be near the precise line. The distinction is that they’ll discover minute inefficiencies and make the most of the betting public by understanding nuances of the sport. In case your odds dictate a crew has a 30% likelihood to win however the majority of books have them at 20%, it’s time to make a wager on the underdog.

#5: Perceive Threat vs. Reward

All playing revolves round danger vs. reward. Is it well worth the cash to win your potential payout? The most effective wagers to make are ones the place you don’t danger a lot however the reward is comparatively substantial.

For instance, you see odds are 70-30 for a crew however are fairly certain based mostly on analysis and present composition that the chances are extra like 60-40. You determine to position an excellent wager on the underdog as a result of you possibly can wager a small quantity and win a considerable payout. That’s an excellent wager.

On the flip facet, you see a crew is 90% to win a match and you’re pretty sure these odds are correct. With a purpose to win something substantial, you’d need to make a big wager. That’s an enormous danger. As a substitute, it’s higher to make a small wager on a sport like this (particularly as a newbie).

In decimal odds, say the crew is 1.2 odds to win a match and also you imagine these odds are spot-on correct. If you happen to danger $100, you stand to win $120 ($20 revenue). Not a lot for such an enormous wager. However say a crew was 2.5 odds to win and you’re feeling that these odds are underestimating their probabilities, you then’d solely need to wager $13.50 to internet the identical revenue ($13.5 x 2.5 = $33.75). Your probabilities of successful are decrease in fact, however you’ll come out forward in the long term if the books’ odds should not correct. The second wager is significantly better long-term worth.

Golden Guidelines from

  • Know the groups

  • Maintain a secure mindset

  • By no means wager greater than you possibly can afford

  • Ignore single feedback on boards which might be clearly biased (these feedback are spam and possibly paid for to sway the chances)

  • All the time hold observe of your bets

  • Betting money is extra handy, secure, and worthwhile

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