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The Dude: It is like what Lenin stated…you search for the one who will profit, and, uh, uh…

Donny: I’m the walrus.

The Dude: You already know what I am attempting to say…

Donny: I’m the walrus.

Walter Sobchak: Shut the fuck up, Donny! V.I. Lenin! Vladimir Illanich Uleninov!

Donny**:** What the fuck is he speaking about, Dude?

Hi there once more, GME Tribe. What a enjoyable day we had yesterday! May it proceed at this time? Solely Melvin Capital (and possibly Ryan Cohen) is aware of!

And an additional particular whats up at this time to our latest WSB lookie-loo, Mr. Cramer (Can I name you Jim? I’m gonna name you Jim).

Now Jim, from what I’ve been capable of collect, you and your Boomer shares and your Scorching Manic Takes don’t all the time get a whole lot of love round right here. However that’s not all your fault, Jim. The Paste-Consuming Rocket Children are sometimes good for a stable meme (FYI: it’s pronounced “Mee-Mee.” Be happy to make use of that on air with out verifying). However the Rocket Children generally is a dense bunch they usually’re additionally usually one click on away from Whole Monetary Spoil (Fast shout out to SPCE: Pleas fly once more). So you need to dig a bit in right here to separate the wheat from the chaff, as somebody such as you truly says in actual life. What the fuck even is chaff, Jim? And why do all Boomers appear to assume that folksy farm-based idioms are the proper strategy to conclude a thought?

Anyway. These of us who watched your teevee clips final week the place you reference your curiosity in WSB know that you just, Jim Cramer, could be one of many Olds, however that you just additionally Assume Younger(TM). So we’re going to do our greatest to assist your young-thinkin’ mind discover the Needle Within the Haystack right here so you will get All Your Geese In a Row on GME. As a result of we all know that you just’re a great distance from being Put Out to Pasture, and although you could be an out-of-touch millionaire vulnerable to facile yammering, we now like you right here, Jim—merely since you talked about us and that made us blush a bit since we’re needy Millennials who simply need our Boomer mommies and daddies to Inform Us They’re Pleased with Us. So though the Paste-Consuming Rocket Children right here are sometimes Shopping for A Pig in a Poke (Christ, please don’t ever say that or the youngsters’ Mee-Mees are gonna fuck you up), we respect you recognizing that, now and again, there’s one thing value listening to over on this bizarre little pocket of the Interwebs. And because you’re truly telling your loyal single-finger-typin’ viewers to take a look at this WSB shitshow, and “in the event that they’re operating GME, then do some work on GME,” we assume you may truly be checking this shit out too, since all true Younger Thinkers know that What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.

Now, is the GME play as stable as your latest advice to purchase Mattress Tub and Past? Who is aware of? That appears fairly silly, and I might look it up myself this weekend however my good little Saturday is already fairly full so I don’t know—I don’t know if I’ll have sufficient time. However I’ll let you know one factor: the GME play is much more fucking enjoyable. Life in a pandemic is boring, however right here on this bizarre WSB place, these children like enjoyable. And for all of your Boomer weirdness, you appear to be you continue to wish to have a little bit enjoyable on this Mad, Mad world of ours. So take into account becoming a member of us right here extra usually. A phrase of warning, although: for those who don’t like all of the dern cuss phrases we use round right here, Jim, properly that’s simply, like, your opinion man, and we’ll have you realize that the Supreme Court docket has roundly rejected Prior Restraint.

Very first thing’s first: we now have a little bit of a bone to select with you (now there I go). The stuff you stated final week about GME as the following Blockbuster was D-U-M dumb, Jim. You have been a bit out of your fucking ingredient with that. You even made our largest shareholder and conqueror-in-waiting, Mr. Ryan Cohen, ship an emoji-only tweet in response, which if you realize the tremendous nice-guy Ryan Cohen like all of us do (we truly know nothing), that’s just about the equal of him bringing his canine over to micturate in your and George Sherman’s rug.

Now, I personally have by no means been into the entire brevity factor, however I needed to take this chance to get you in control on the GME film you’ve wandered into. And I do know you’re down with this since you instructed all of your viewers that if WSB is speaking about GME, then “be sure to know GME.” So earlier than you say one thing Completely Mad once more and Cohen sends a tweet with an excellent much less ambiguous emoji, it’s excessive time that you just begin Making the Certain right here, Jim. Simply take into account this to be CPT Hubbard delivering you some Orange Sunshine and turning you on to a few of that Candy, Scrumptious Non-Chaff Wheat you like so goddamn a lot.

Half 1: GME’s Bonkers-Ass Quick Curiosity

Now, I’m going to guide with essentially the most crowd-pleasing a part of the story right here (Prepare, Rocket Children!), and it’s the one that you just didn’t even appear remotely acquainted with in your “Keep out of GameStop, Deadbeat!” rant final week. Perhaps that was by design or possibly not. We’ll return to that, Jim. However the level right here is: the quick curiosity right here is batshit insane. And never simply your backyard selection Boomer in Rolled Up Sleeves Ranting About Shopping for Estee Lauder Whereas Hitting Buttons On The Beep-Bop-Boop Machine type of madness. Actually and actually fucking nuts.

So to TL/DR this shit for you, Jim (to make use of the parlance of our occasions): GME is the most shorted inventory buying and selling at this time—by far. How shorted? Properly, the worth of shares quick exceeds the market cap of the corporate; there are presently extra shares quick than the whole variety of shares excellent. And when factoring within the institutional and insider possession, the whole quick share of float is almost 300%. period/FloatPercentageOfTSO/GME/Float-Proportion-Of-Whole-Shares-Excellent/GameStop-Corp Even increased, truly, now that Cohen’s curiosity is over 10%. Now, I’m not a numbers whiz such as you, however that degree of quick curiosity and the small obtainable float appears fairly fucked as much as me. Like: “how is that even authorized?” fucked up. And only for a body of reference, the third most shorted safety proper now could be the one that you love Mattress Tub and Past, with a brief share of float at a pleasant and tidy 69%. However by all means run your manic ass over to the goddamn sound machine to get your viewers to munch on that huge field inventory.

Are you beginning to collect why a few of us on this bizarre little pocket of the Interwebs are a little bit enthusiastic about GME? You see, as u/Jeffamazon and RodAlzmann u/Uberkikz11 and others have defined in these right here corners and on the twitter machine with their top-notch DD, and as I’ll translate to you in lingo you possibly can dig, the quick sellers obtained manner over their skiis on this one anticipating a chapter in Spring of 2020 that by no means got here. And but, amazingly, the quick curiosity has solely elevated since then—there has successfully been no overlaying within the mixture and, in reality, the quick share has solely gone up. And now, on the edge of 2021, all of us sit atop an enormous powder keg questioning what will be the factor that lastly lights this shit up. And on the finish of this little missive, I’m going to let you know what I feel that factor could be (Spoiler: It’s Ryan Cohen! Higher begin getting used to seeing his title, Jim, as a result of this dude doesn’t fuck round and he’s not going anyplace).

GameStop ($GME): A squeeze to $44 from $14 can be justified fundamentally…100% of the shares are short. Watch out.

Half 2**: GameStop Isn’t Going Bankrupt and Individuals Truly Need to Purchase Shit There**

So, you foul mouthed little prick, a bonkers-ass quick curiosity is neat and all, however why is Jim Cramer fallacious when Jim Cramer compares GME to Blockbuster you could be asking your self within the third individual. First, the obvious reply, Jim, which it is best to fucking know already: Blockbuster was almost $1 Billion in debt and lacking debt funds left and proper when it was delisted manner again in 2010. That was additionally when there was a little bit of a credit score crunch, for those who recall, proper after that complete Housing Crash Unpleasantness that you just noticed coming from a mile away and from which you made tons of of thousands and thousands of {dollars} as a consequence of your contrarian foresight—I’m sorry, I’m clearly complicated you with Christian Bale starring as Dr. Michael Burry, weirdo head of Scion Asset Administration, which additionally holds about 1.4M shares of GME (You actually gotta begin trying into these things, Jim – this story is made for TV, man—and also you Boomers have been raised by TV and also you turned out TV!). Additionally, in 2010 when Netflix is ripping and when Blockbuster was about to be delisted and bankrupt, an analyst famous the plain undeniable fact that Blockbuster had “nothing on the horizon that makes it appear like Blockbuster goes to be extra worthwhile.”

However Jim, in case your Blockbuster comparability has any plausibility, GameStop will need to have a serious debt downside then, proper? And but simply final month GameStop repaid $125M in debt a number of months forward of time. It’s additionally actually bizarre that over the previous 12 months administration purchased again a ton of shares, taking the OS from 102M down to only underneath 70M (making a brief squeeze much more probably, my Rocket Kids). The weirdness continues with a soon-to-be-bankrupt firm holding nearly $500M in money readily available. And in response to George Sherman’s “Thine Omnichannel Shalt Be The Omni-est Channel of Them All” Convention Name following Q3, by March 2021 GME could have retired a complete of $500M in debt and returned $200M to shareholders by way of inventory purchase backs. I’m no professional right here, and I don’t presently personal a Beep-Bop-Boop Machine, however that’s all fairly bizarre shit to be doing for those who’re about to go bankrupt.

No, no – I get it: who the fuck truly seems at steadiness sheets anyway earlier than spouting off about what a inventory goes to do? I certain as hell don’t. That’s why I comply with my man u/Uberkikz11, since that dude is a GME DD Encyclopedia and was born to crunch numbers. No, when Actually Sensible Individuals make the Blockbuster comparability, it’s normally simply Mouth Sounds for: A B&M Retailer That Used to Be In style However Now Is Not As a result of Know-how, QED. However right here even the Actually Sensible Individuals could be lacking one thing as properly. They’re proper within the sense that GME should use this new console cycle window and money inflow to rapidly pivot to a tech-first gaming firm (extra on that and our boy RC shortly!), however they’re fallacious on the timing and relevance of this Tremendous Sensible Perception.

So positive, they’re doing okay on debt and money. However who even goes to that 90s-Ass-Trying Cluttered Mall Geekery anymore anyhow? I confess: in my darkest moments, because the quick sellers manipulate the fuck out of this inventory and I curse the names Bell and Sherman, I too have puzzled this. Nevertheless it seems that, similar to I do not know why anybody listens to Maroon 5 or eats at Applebee’s, apparently lots of people in America do shit that I don’t. Loopy huh? So right here is a few fairly neat information displaying us how out of contact we could be right here, Jim:

First, when a pretty big pattern dimension of individuals have been just lately requested the query: which of the next shops or web sites do you intend to purchase vacation items from? The #5 response from United States Individuals was none aside from GameStop (Ticker, Jim: GME). Solely Walmart, Amazon, Goal, and Greenback Retailer (poor individuals purchase items too, Jim) have been forward of little previous GameStop. That’s increased than Nike, Macy’s, the Apple Retailer—and double the response of Mattress Tub and Fucking Past in each class they surveyed. Verify it: (h/t to my man u/snowk88)

That’s kinda loopy huh? See Jim, while you Assume Younger(TM), you actually can study one thing new daily. And by following our man u/snowk88 (@snowk88 over at stocktwits), I study plenty of cool shit. However guess who already knew that? The man that wrote this dangerous ass letter that identifies GME’s model and buyer information as being one of the crucial invaluable issues GME has going for it. https://s.wsj.internet/public/sources/paperwork/RC_Ventures_Letter_to_GameStop.pdf

So now we all know that Actual Life Individuals truly purchase shit at GameStop right here within the 12 months of our lord 2020. However like that analyst from 2010 stated about Blockbuster, there should not be something on the horizon for GameStop to be extra worthwhile in 2021, proper?

Now, I’ll admit that being a bit bearish on GME in December of 2020 would make extra sense if, say, GameStop have been the nation’s largest purveyor of limp and half-lit pumpkin spice-scented candles and we have been exiting the apogee of Shitty Candle Season. However because it seems, GameStop is presently promoting mainly essentially the most sought-after gadgets that exist within the market proper now—the place demand for the Xbox and Ps5 is way outpacing provide and is projected to proceed properly into 2021. I don’t actually need to get into the small print on that right here, as a result of it’s fairly goddamn apparent, however I feel 2020 GameStop on the precipice of a brand new console cycle could be in a little bit of a greater place than, say, 2010 Blockbuster counting on the newest Adam Sandler launch to elevate its sagging rental numbers. However I don’t know. Tens of millions of individuals don’t watch my present searching for Candid Evaluation from me and my folksy man-of-the-people-lookin’ rolled-up sleeves.

Half 3: Ryan Cohen is the Sword of Damocles Hanging Over the Quick Sellers’ Dumbass Heads

And now we’ve gotten to the perfect half. It’s my favourite a part of all of this, Jim, and for those who give this a little bit time, I feel it will likely be yours too. You see, all that company bla bla bla about steadiness sheets and console cycles and early debt reimbursement and overleveraged quick sellers and model recognition is neat and all—and positively value a re-assessment by itself. Perhaps even a little bit Beep-Bop-Boop on the ol’ sound machine—I don’t know your fucking strategies. However the actual factor that’s about to tear all our faces off right here is the enterprise and funding choices of a mild-mannered wunderkind named Ryan Cohen.

Now you possibly can revisit my prior epistle if you wish to know a bit extra concerning the involvement of Mr. Ryan Cohen in Le Affair GameStop. My fly-by-night principle of his lawyer’s doable use of the consent solicitation might have in all probability marinated for an additional day, however the thrust of my argument there was that Cohen and his lawyer have been laying the groundwork to return after GameStop for some time now. And that Cohen was probably emboldened by the humiliating, lame-ass CC efficiency by some dude with a mid-century comic-strip sounding title that we’ll all quickly know solely as: The Man With the Punchable Face Who Used to Be CEO of GameStop.

However right here is the place issues get actually attention-grabbing. This can be a story within the making, Jim, for fucks sake – take notes! This Monday, on December 21, Mr. Ryan Cohen filed a revised 13D displaying that final week he began shopping for a shit-ton of shares—beginning on Tuesday December 15th—which is the day after the inventory value inexplicably plunged on Monday the 14th and the exact same day you have been yammering on the teevee about GME being Blockbuster! As a substitute of listening to you, nevertheless, Cohen began shopping for extra GME shares (super-sleuth darkish pool watchers u/rgrAi and u/snowk88 observed in real-time that there was some very massive accumulation going down), which culminated within the huge reveal that Cohen bought a complete of two,501,000 further shares final week—500,000 of which have been bought on Friday December 18, 2020 on the value of $16.02 a share. Ryan Cohen continues to be the only largest shareholder of GME with 9,001,000 shares in whole, taking his possession of GME above the 10% threshold from 9.98% to 12.9%. And so he apparently thinks that the ground for his funding is $16.02 per share. Is he nonetheless shopping for? We’ll know quickly. However yesterday appeared like a little bit style of what it would appear like if a big purchaser steps in to stop quick sellers from manipulating all of my nervous little Rocket Kids right here and their delicate little paper arms.

There was one other factor we discovered from this 13D submitting: Ryan Cohen has apparently employed a brand new lawyer and legislation agency. As a substitute of the good Christopher Davis of Kline Kaplan, now Ryan Cohen is represented by Ryan P. Nebel, a accomplice with Olshan Frome Wolosky, LLP. Now, for those who’re acquainted with my prior ramblings, you may surprise if I used to be a bit confused, and possibly even a little bit unhappy, at this sudden change from my man C. Davis. And also you could be a little bit proper. However then the surprise of the web allowed me to study a bit about these new attorneys. And holy shit, issues are about to get enjoyable.

Now, I favored what I knew about Chris Davis and he looks as if a real dangerous ass activist lawyer. However the people at Olshan Frome and Wolosky, LLP are Subsequent Degree Gamers and actually appear tailored for this precise scenario. First off, Olshan is ranked as the highest international lawfirm for Activist Attorneys. (H/t @flummoxed at stocktwits). They appear to be the go-to legislation agency for main proxy battles initiated by activist buyers. However probably much more necessary is that Olshan is the identical agency that represented Hestia and Allow of their profitable proxy battle earlier this 12 months to nominate two new administrators to the GME Board. I’m not going into the positive particulars of that, as a result of that is already a little bit of a long-form Fool’s New Yorker article, however GameStop simply went by way of a proxy battle final 12 months with Activist Buyers Hestia Capital and Allow Capital, which resulted in two Board seats for our shareholder buds from Hestia and Allow. So, it’s cheap to imagine that the attorneys at Olshan may know their manner round GameStop at this level and the place the stress factors are right here.

Hestia Capital and Permit Capital’s Two New Directors to the GameStop Board

And for those who comply with u/snowk88 over at stocktwits (@snowk88)—you don’t? ‘the fuck is fallacious with you?— you’d additionally discover a wealth of DD on how Olshan rolls when getting into these activist-investor-replaces-dumbass-boards-and-CEOs kind disputes. To backside line it: they get it fucking carried out.

However what else did we study from the 13D? We discovered that Ryan Cohen is certainly not going anyplace any time quickly. Particularly, the submitting notes that RC Ventures intends to proceed to have interaction in discussions with GameStop’s board “relating to means to drive stockholder worth, together with by way of modifications to the composition of the board and different company governance enhancements.” And whereas RC Ventures “wishes to return to an amicable decision with [GameStop, it] won’t hesitate to take any actions that it believes are essential to guard the perfect pursuits of all stockholders.”

I actually like that final half, don’t you? And though I assumed his November 16th letter was fairly goddamn clear, this 13D simply ratcheted up the transparency degree right here. In sum, Ryan Cohen has all of our backs and he’s going to interchange this Board and Sherman with individuals which might be on the extent and that can assist implement his imaginative and prescient.

And now looks as if an excellent time to return to these “Ryan Cohen: Boy Genius” articles that have been positively NOT a part of a well-coordinated pre-hostile takeover media marketing campaign initiated final 12 months. I feel there could be just a few issues in these articles that Mr. Cohen needed all of us shareholders (in addition to the quick sellers and the Board he’s about to interchange) to actually and actually perceive. Recall additionally that Cohen just isn’t one for diversification or for taking part in it secure. So right here’s just a few alternative nuggets so that you can ponder:


Bloomberg, June 2020:

· “It is too arduous to search out, at the very least for me, what I take into account nice concepts,” he says. “After I discover issues I’ve a whole lot of conviction in, I am going all-in.”

· Cohen makes use of the phrase “conviction” quite a bit. He says it’s one thing he discovered from his father, who ran a glassware importing enterprise in Montreal the place Cohen grew up. “He taught me block the noise from the lots,” says Cohen. “To have a viewpoint and have conviction and never waver.”

· He wouldn’t, nevertheless, advocate his [non-diversified] funding strategy to everybody. “It’s good to have the temperament to dam the noise,” he says. “Generally it looks like a curler coaster.”

· He likens his obsessive deal with constructing Chewy to his strategy to inventory choosing. “I do not wish to swing for a single,” he says.


You hear that, Jim? Our man Cohen likes idioms too! However fuck these farm idioms, Jim – we’re upgrading to the Sportsball form now. So what’s the takeaway right here? I’d say that Cohen has his Eye On The Ball and that it’s time for all quick sellers and the Board to Throw in The Towel as a result of Ryan Goddamn Cohen likes to Take the Bull By The Horns and can be certain that he Hits a Homerun for shareholders that consider in his imaginative and prescient.

Right here’s just a few extra issues Mr. Cohen needs all of us to know:


Forbes, August 2020:

· “For me, every no seemed like they only didn’t perceive my imaginative and prescient. It was irritating at occasions, however by no means discouraging. These ‘no’s by no means made me doubt my technique – it was the other. I used to be motivated by all of the rejections they usually simply obtained me fired up.”

· “I understood that pondering huge was probably going to be misunderstood alongside the best way. I’m contrarian by nature, so being misunderstood usually validates what I’m doing. It wasn’t till Chewy packing containers have been on doorsteps throughout the nation that the majority of buyers began to acknowledge our components.”

· “[M]y greatest threat would have been not taking threat. The danger of going head-to-head in opposition to Amazon. The danger of insourcing achievement. The danger of constructing an organization in Florida quite than a well-liked tech hub. The danger of spending $Three million a month on TV advertisements, greater than House Depot HD -0.1%’s price range. The danger of hiring costly executives though we weren’t worthwhile. These choices have been a number of the most controversial and required me being snug betting in opposition to typical knowledge, and have been usually opposite to the recommendation of my board. Suffice it to say, I used to be not the most well-liked board member.”

· “Dad by no means swayed when he believed in one thing. I by no means compromised my imaginative and prescient, regardless what number of buyers turned me down I used to be not going to surrender on constructing Chewy into the world’s greatest on-line pet retailer. I like to be challenged, and I’m versatile on particulars, however I’m by no means prepared to surrender.”


Goddamn it, Ryan. I used to be carried out having youngsters however now you’ve compelled me into getting again on that practice simply so I can title this future little one Ryan Fucking Cohen. Thanks quite a bit, asshole.

However to return to my level: are these the statements of a person that appears prone to stroll away at this level? Or is Cohen attempting to inform us all to prepare as a result of he’s going All In on this shit?

So the place does this depart us? After an enormous week the place Cohen buys 2.5M extra shares after which the SP skyrockets to $20 yesterday on that information? Properly, that is the place I wish to tip my cap to my man Justin Dopierala over at Searching for Alpha and permit him to conclude this part. He, alongside together with his pal Dmitriy Kozin have been fairly clear-eyed on all this shit for some time now they usually each deserve some credit score. And I do know I gave my predominant man Justin a little bit of a tough time in my final novella, however the dude is sharp as hell and helped a whole lot of us see the forest by way of the timber right here. And also you also needs to positively invite him to affix your poker nights (severely: take a look at the dude’s tweet in response to our personal Rod Alzmann’s introduction of the #WeWantCohen hashtag proper after the Q3 name debacle). You haven’t any touch upon a possible takeover involving Ryan Cohen, Justin after your hour-long googly-eyed name collectively? Can’t consider you’re simply preemptively leaving the WSJ and Bloomberg hanging like that. Justin, I like you dude, but when I’m holding pocket Kings I’m folding after that tweet as a result of that twinkle in your eye lets me know you’re about to drop two Aces on my ass.

Anyway. Here’s what our man Dopierala thinks may occur right here quickly (and he referred to as this manner again on November 17th- and sorry – no hyperlinks right here, per the mods, as apparently no Alpha should ever be Sought from these elements):

I feel a really probably final result at this level is a majority slate subsequent shareholder assembly the place Cohen takes over BOD after which makes himself CEO. A majority slate proxy battle would require all establishments to name in shares and would pressure a squeeze.

We’re intrigued, Justin. Please proceed:

If Ryan Cohen efficiently negotiates a purchase order value with the Board then the shareholders should vote on it. In contrast to the proxy battle the place Hestia and Allow have been operating a minority slate of administrators, a proposal to buy GameStop would pressure establishments like Vanguard and Blackrock to name of their shares. By doing so, the shorts could be compelled to shut out their positions and GameStop would lastly have the best quick squeeze of all-time. Satirically, Cohen might use this chance to promote all of his shares and use the proceeds to completely fund the acquisition of GameStop taking place as the primary individual in historical past to amass a billion greenback firm… for completely nothing. In reality, his acquisition value could be lower than zero.

And now could be once I get to invest on what I feel goes to occur right here. However I don’t essentially assume Cohen goes to place a proposal to purchase GME to take non-public. That may positively set off a MOASS, however I’m undecided I see it given the attorneys he’s employed and his latest buys as much as $16 and the amount of money that might take. Like Dopierala’s first remark, although, I feel Cohen goes to appoint administrators to interchange almost your complete Board of Administrators with a vote taking place on the annual assembly and as soon as that Board is in place, they’ll appoint Cohen as CEO. And as Justin notes, if he nominates a majority slate of administrators, shares should be referred to as in to vote. And this vote and proxy battle will make the prior minority slate Hesita/Allow battle, and the tiny quick squeeze that came about when that occurred, look tame by comparability. Now everybody: get your calendars out. As a result of the date to appoint administrators right here is in Mid-March, and my super-smart company lawyer buds inform me that it’s commonplace apply to file about 7-10 days prior. So, if this truly taking place, we ought to be seeing one thing on this by early March.

However though early March is now the mark on the wall, at this time’s insane value motion triggered me to consider all of this a bit tougher and speculate a bit extra. And a serious h/t to my buds on the stocktwits board, particularly u/rgrAi (@amarbar) for all of the sharp evaluation on this. However for those who have been Ryan Cohen and also you knew this firm was vastly undervalued and also you had a excessive degree of CONVICTION right here and in addition knew you wanted shareholder votes to brush out these dumbasses and implement your imaginative and prescient—then how would you play this with the quick curiosity right here as loopy as it’s? I’d preserve shopping for. Why? Properly, plenty of causes, you sensible alecks. First, so I’ve extra assured votes (duh?). Second, in order that when the constructing begins burning and quick hedge funds run for the exits they discover {that a} mild-mannered Millennial with super-good concepts has sealed off all of the doorways and home windows. That’s gruesomely scrumptious, isn’t it? Why else, CPT? Properly, lastly, and possibly most significantly, as a result of I might wish to excite and delight all my fellow shareholders by triggering a slow-burn quick squeeze, elevating the SP considerably, in order that I can as soon as once more make the purpose (as he did within the Nov 16 letter) that the incompetent administration that triggered a HUGE drop in SP following that completely incompetent Q3 name and the shelf registration, had nothing to do with the SP improve that once more occurred as soon as Cohen introduced his intent and began shopping for. Not the console cycle, not the fee containment measures, not the buybacks and never the early debt discount. Nope: rightly or wrongly, shareholders will see Ryan Cohen shopping for shares and the corresponding SP improve and everybody—particularly all new consumers who’re delighted at their success and swept up by Ryan Cohen Fever 2021—will begin getting #WeWantCohen tattoos on their ass they’ll be so pleased. And all of us, newly enriched by Ryan Cohen’s Massive Canadian Balls and tactical brilliance, will crawl over glass to vote for him over The Boomer Artist Formally Know As GameStop’s CEO. I may very well be very fallacious on this final level specifically, but when we begin seeing 13Ds drop right here shortly, issues ought to get very enjoyable in a short time.

Half 4: A Return to Our Quick-Squeeze-to-Da-Moon Dialogue: Who’s Facet Are You Fucking On, Jim?

Now, Jim, given the quick friendship we’re creating right here, and all we’ve been by way of over the previous 5000 phrases, I hesitate in bringing this up. However we’ve all seen the video, Jim. You already know the one I’m speaking about. Sure, the one the place you truly inform the reality about how quick promoting hedge funds manipulate the market to knock down the worth of completely good securities that many hard-working individuals spend money on—many normal-ass individuals all assuming they wont ever need to Level The place On The Dolly The Invisible Hand of the Financial system Touched Them. However that’s not life now could be it Jim? And fuck these poor-ass rubes for not realizing play the sport with you refined Masters of the Universe, amirite?

So the place are you on this complete GME/Cohen story, Jim? You candidly (gleefully?) acknowledge {that a} prime technique that shorts deploy is to unfold detrimental rumors which might be then amplified by Massive Sensible Reliable Monetary Media Titans like your self to shake out unsophisticated retail gamers like my Rocket Children right here—who due to their tiny paper arms and also you imply quick promoting brutes usually subsist on paste and paste alone.

So for this specific safety, are you the one serving to with the manipulation and actively creating the “new fact” or are you simply one of many Helpful Idiots that these quick sellers use to control with an anodyne, TV media-ready comparability like: GameStop Is The Subsequent Blockbuster? And the way within the fuck does this match into your Assume Younger(TM) undertaking, Jim? As a result of if there may be one factor that we over at WSB fucking hate, it’s a bunch of Manipulative Quick Promoting Boomer Fuckwads. Why on earth would a hip Younger Thinker such as you wish to be included in that crew, Jim?

And I do know we’re all pals right here now, Jim, however I must push again a bit on a few of what you stated in that video in such a cavalier whatareyagonnado method. So if I perceive you, quick and warp and fomenting detrimental reactions from retail gamers primarily based on intentionally false narratives is unlawful, however nonetheless straightforward as fuck to do “as a result of the SEC does not perceive it.” However you fucking do perceive it, Jim! So why are you serving to these quick and distorters break the legislation right here? Why are you being such an obtuse dumbshit? Simply take a look at what occurs to the borrow fee and quick promoting each time there may be any excellent news for GME: (h/t @slantedangles). This manipulation is not simply taking place with GME; it’s taking place in every single place. It’s baked into the cake. And that’s fairly fucked up that all of us simply settle for it as a result of whatareyagonnado.

I feel that one factor that these of us who actually do Assume Younger(TM) have a tough time understanding is at what level in your lives do you Boomers all lastly come to appreciate that it’s possibly time to cease enjoying the sport like you have got been? What level do you lastly have sufficient the place doing the proper factor issues greater than getting paid? Perhaps begin by telling the reality extra usually—and possibly don’t exit of your manner to assist these corrupt-ass hedge fund managers who frequently fuck over common individuals merely as a result of they have been silly sufficient to consider you all. What contempt you Masters of the Universe have for all of them—for all of us. There’s a larger story right here on GME and this out-of-control quick curiosity (bare shorting, counterfeit shares) than even Ryan Cohen and the inevitable quick squeeze we’re about to witness right here. And it begins and ends with individuals such as you and Melvin Capital and Financial institution of America not giving a fuck concerning the guidelines whereas pondering you’re smarter than the remainder of us who do—however who lack energy to do something about it. And you realize what? Perhaps you are smarter than us. You actually know play this sport fairly properly, as that video exhibits. But when I do know my old fashioned 1980s films like I feel I do, that is normally the a part of the story the place the rag-tag children from throughout the tracks come over to indicate you hubristic wealthy fuckheads what occurs while you fuck a stranger within the ass.

Now I personally have by no means dabbled in pacifism, Jim, so this isn’t an excessive amount of of a stretch for me, however seeing that video of yours and seeing the insane quick curiosity and all of the manipulation right here makes me wish to burn the entire corrupt system to the bottom—whereas barricading the doorways to lure in these arrogant-ass quick sellers who lie and cheat and warp to revenue off common individuals. And although I’m sure that this bigger battle just isn’t driving him, possibly that result’s one which Ryan Cohen wouldn’t thoughts too. Although he’s a well mannered Canadian and would in all probability simply let everybody know that he’s probably not mad, simply disenchanted. However me? I’m an Offended American and I say: Block the fucking doorways and home windows and light-weight that shit up.

So possibly this epistle can be helpful to your Assume Younger(TM) undertaking and trigger you to replicate a bit extra on what’s actually occurring on the market with this complete GME factor and the probably unlawful shorting that has pushed the quick share of float to those insane ranges, drawing in new retail shorts too silly to know what’s even taking place. Or possibly it wont trigger you to replicate within the slightest (depend me as a kind of cynical sorts that see your overtures to WSB as a clear play for higher market share from the Younger Crowd since your old-ass viewers is dying and/or switching to bonds). However in just a few months when all of the Billy Ray Valentines and Louis Winthorpes assembled listed here are toasting one another in silly shirts on a white-sand seaside someplace, we are not looking for you to look again in your knee-jerk boomer-ass dismissal of GME and your Helpful Fool blathering with that very same tinge of remorse and longing you’re feeling while you have a look at a pre-Consumer 9 image of you and your previous roomie: warm-toes-and-hosiery-enthusiast E. Spitzer, Esq.

In conclusion: GME = Blockbuster comparisons are for Simps and Corrupt Quick-and-Distorters. Don’t be like them, Jim. And to my Rocket Kids: the one weapon we wield on this silly sport is Diamond Fingers with a float like this. Toughen the fuck up.

And Glad Holidays everybody.

–CPT Hubbard

TL/DR: Jim Cramer likes farm-based idioms and apparently being a helpful fool to scummy quick promoting hedge funds. DD on the GME turnaround is stable and overleveraged quick sellers ought to be shitting themselves. Ryan Cohen, our well mannered, hard-working Canadian benefactor is about to tear all our fucking faces off and set off a MOASS. In all probability even by early March, if that point is nice for you (he’ll textual content earlier than he comes). And fuck infinite regress: It’s rockets all the best way down right here. 🚀🚀🚀 Now: diamond arms, motherfuckers.

21,000 shares. 710 April 20/25/30Cs. 105 Jan 15/20Cs. This can be a shitpost and is just for use as funding and life recommendation for Mr. Jim Cramer, Esq.

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