Full information from newbie to Tricaru – Dedication runes method (2:00

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)
r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)


  1. That is for accounts which are utterly new, and hardcore gamers which have time to play this sport (I nonetheless have a number of time for real-life stuff :D)

  2. This isn’t actually a benchmark for a brand new participant to realize this inside a sure time, everybody has their very own tempo of enjoying, simply to offer a information for you, you possibly can comply with the information slowly.

  3. RNG swings either side. I’ve some luck, you in all probability have higher or worse luck. The outcome might be totally different. I can’t assure you to succeed.

  4. This in all probability isn’t probably the most environment friendly means, simply one of many methods.

  5. f2P bY ThE wAy LUL

In case you simply wish to see the tricaru, simply skip to Half 5 – learn how to rune and spd tune your unit ideally.

Hiya, it’s me once more. A couple of months in the past I made a put up about dedication rune crafting for hopping into tricaru as the primary DB12 workforce for learners. I’m going to offer an entire information for any gamers (Particularly new gamers) to enter tricaru.

I might be splitting this information into totally different session to provide the concept of what it is advisable to do normally

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

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r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)
r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)
r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

Monster field – 29 6* complete

1) Collect and maximize the sources

(Kro, bella and loren are must-have so I believe I don’t have to speak about it that a lot. Farm them and awaken them asap assist rather a lot.)

You wish to collect as many sources as attainable. So finishing each TOA and TOAH is strongly really useful. I confronted Three totally different TOAH rotation, I managed to clear it twice with male boss rotation because it’s comparatively simpler that you simply don’t should face leo ragdoll in stage 93. I used to be too lazy to strive, however I believe it’s attainable to beat with out loopy models and runes. (The sunshine fairy cheese). I bought rica after I cleared my first TOAH, and my workforce is Fran Loren Sig Kro(2a) Gorgo(2a). Exchange gorgo with bella for TOAH100. All guide.

Be a part of a correct guild is fairly essential. I imply a guild that’s excessive stage (With guild expertise and store), can clear lab, do guild struggle and siege struggle helps you numerous. I didn’t try this, as my guild can’t win a single guild struggle since day1 and solely clear lab for a couple of times. We solely do siege. Guild cash didn’t play a very powerful function on this information, however it means rather a lot if you wish to play for the long run. Siege and Labs additionally bought some nice reward. Lab particularly grinds/gems/runes that you simply usually can’t get.

Do enviornment and prioritise Def (As excessive as attainable) and Spd tower (Lv5 really useful). Particularly for the primary 30 days, you’ll be positioned in novice league. Getting rank 1 in novice league provides you further 300 enviornment factors per week. I put the very best runed models on the final day and “rush” final minute and I bought rank 1 like 2 instances. For different instances, simply spend all of your wings and put single lv1 monster is sufficient.

Farm reapp asap, I’ll speak about it later.

For maximizing sources, you might have to spend so much of time through the first 14 days as you might have 100% further exp, FRR and the price of rune improve is ½. I made ~10 6* within the first 2 weeks. With the vampire revenge set, it is best to have the ability to farm faimon hell simply with Lapis (I’ve her as my 1st 6*). For the primary 14 days, you don’t have to avoid wasting up the inugami, simply use them as meals and skillups for kro.

2) 2A sequences I like to recommend

Kro/Gorgo -> Kro/Gorgo -> Shannon -> Naomi -> (Raoq) -> Icaru

As you possibly can see I didn’t embody spectra and bella on the record. They’re good models however they didn’t assist me to progress that a lot, particularly spectra. Bella is controversial and I’ll speak about it later.

Kro is tremendous essential as he can velocity up your gb10/gb11 workforce by rather a lot. My 2A workforce for him is Lapis (L) Fran Loren Kro (Triple HP construct earlier than 2A, he’s the one tanking all of the hits because it’s a lightweight flooring, change again to regular construct afterwards.). Nevertheless, you could not have the ability to farm b4 simply with out fran. Subsequently I contemplate put Gorgo first if you happen to can’t farm b4 (I guide to clear B3 first as it’s troublesome to auto). Warbear B4 is simpler as you need to use bella to interchange fran and all the sunshine models with tank the dmg for you. In case you can’t farm both, simply do few runs of b1/b2 to forestall the dhole power maxing out. Gorgo is a beast in TOA as he’s a stun machine that has no elemental disadvantages. I devilmoned his passive for higher stun probability.

Shannon is nice while you break into GB12. She lowers the general rune high quality wanted. You in all probability can get away with higher rune high quality, however she make your workforce safer. The one drawback for me with Shannon is she could be very onerous to 2A because of the stage requirement. You need to construct particular models for it. My B3 workforce is Bernard Shannon Chun-li Chasun. You in all probability can substitute Chasun and Chun-li with wind drunken grasp and naomi, I simply can’t summon a single naomi at the moment. These models are essential all through this information

Naomi, an important DD, however I bought 1 copy of her after 50 days which is tremendous unfortunate. I waited for her rotation for Three weeks and through that Three weeks I nonetheless can’t get her, as an alternative I bought a number of skillups. That’s why I didn’t prioritize her as usually you possibly can’t get her or get her skillups. Anyway, she is an efficient unit for giants earlier than 2A. After you 2A her, you possibly can substitute kro along with her as she has extra DPS and elemental benefit in Giants.

Raoq – can be utilized in even late sport pve, and he is fairly strong in rift raid if you do not have twins.

3) Basic focus

Situation (Collect some 5* Swift runes with spd/hp%/def%) (6* core models like fran loren kro sigmarus shannon bella) -> GB10 -> TOA100 -> GB11(12) -> TOAH -> GB12 -> Rift Beast and reapps

GB10/11: Sigmarus Shannon Bernard(Bella/Lapis) Loren Fran

GB12: Sigmarus Shannon Loren Fran Naomi (Workforce I’m operating proper now)

TOAH: Fran Loren Sig Kro Gorgo (guide)

I suppose I don’t have to speak about learn how to do Giants, or perhaps you possibly can ask within the feedback!

4) Rift Beasts

Right here comes a very powerful half. It’s nonetheless attainable to farm with out water twins (I pulled sabrina 1 week in the past), however they make every little thing simpler. I’ll attempt to present options to that. (That’s why I discussed earlier that this isn’t the fittest information as everybody bought totally different models and runes luck)

Water rift: Bernard (L) Chasun | Naomi Chun-Li Sabrina(Wind BBK) Talia(Kro) – ~70% SSS, 30% SS

Gentle rift: Sigmarus (L) Colleen | Shumar Kro Sabrina(Raoq) Talia(Naomi) – ~50% SSS, 50% A+

*Items in bracket=models I used earlier than I bought twins, the SSS price is decrease by 10-20%

You see how determined I’m to construct these bizarre models. If you’re affected person sufficient to attend for Eirgar then it’ll be extra environment friendly however it takes longer too.

“Potential” Wind options for Chasun, Chun-li and wind bbk in water rift:

Premium: Lagmaron Teshar Feng yan Ryu cHriStiNa

Price range: Wind Twins Wind KFG Yen (Guild Store)

F2P: Wind Drunken Grasp Arang Shannon Mav Ramahan (Not tremendous advocate)

IMO: Arang>Lupinus>Argen so I didn’t embody these two models on the record, and they’re multi-hitter so it’s not good in gentle beast. Others are simply probably not really useful.

!!!“Potential” options for Sabrina, Talia (Might not be nearly as good as this duo)!!!

Premium: Taor Lagmaron Laika Perna Bethony Darkish KFG Darkish phantom thief Gentle Chun-li Darkish Twins

Price range: Jean Any twins(price range water twins)

F2P: Arang Mina(Want a number of sources so not really useful)

Simply to say it as soon as once more, a lot of the models above I haven’t examined it on this account. I’m not certain will it work 100% high quality, particularly for the sunshine beast as it’s OMEGA troublesome with out twins and Eirgar.

Water is fairly simple for me, contemplating you might have constructed some models for shannon 2A and you’ve got elemental benefits.

Gentle is troublesome because the component is a double-edge sword that you simply take extra dmg as effectively. To not point out the F2P selection for darkish monsters are too little. The lineup I urged to interchange twins can get me SSS, however probably not a constant workforce. A greater means is to get eirgar and substitute sig with tanky construct, however it takes longer to get the traditional cash. Shumar does tons of dmg right here, his 2nd ability hits like 50ok with low hp. Solely drawback is he’s squishy which makes him onerous to rune and he has no use outdoors of this dungeon. You need to contemplate it earlier than constructing him.

As soon as you bought SSS in water and at the least A+ in hearth and wind, I believe you can begin farming reapps. Attempt to reapp swift runes with innate first as they can be utilized for several types of harm sellers or assist is determined by the outcome. Slot 1,Three usually tend to have good outcomes.

I don’t put up the runes right here, I can put up any models within the remark part if anybody is .

5) Crafting and learn how to rune your models

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

Triple dedication

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

Triple dedication

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

Triple dedication

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

Dedication Blade Blade, Atk CD HP, 2 atk artifacts

I managed to get sufficient runes in ~70 crafts (The condensed crystals drops are actually low) which could be very fortunate. However I’ve bought back-up plan even when my luck is horrible.

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

(UPDATED VERSION with appropriate decimal: left to proper: def tower stage, bonus def% given by tower, guild expertise bonus, dedication units) (Prime row: +protection wanted)

In my case, my guild solely provides me 2% bonus def% and my tower is lv8 proper now. If I bought zero def% runes in slots 2,4,6, I’ll run 6 dedication units. 1 on every Icaru and three on Verd, which makes me want solely +2080 further protection. If I’m operating damaged set on slot 2,4,6 with 6* Def%, 2 +15 arti and slot3 6* def, I solely want 44.7% further protection. Sounds not simple, however if you happen to maintain def% slot 2,4,6 with flat def subs since day1 and dedication grinds/gems, issues get a lot simpler (I didn’t get too many def% grinds tho, so it varies for everybody)

I’m operating 10 dedication units (+1844 def wanted with lv8 tower, 2% guild bonus) with 2 blade, 1 dedication on Verd. My Verd doesn’t have a number of dmg, however I’ve seen Verd with a lot decrease dmg that works. ( As an alternative, give him some hp&def as he’s going to tank 2 hit from dragon, together with 1 hit with dragons beneath 30% hp.

For icaru, I took the 13 flip method (Transfer 13 instances earlier than the boss 1st assault) . You want these stats: (My spd tower is lv5)

r/summonerswar - Complete guide from beginner to Tricaru - Determination runes approach (2:00 - 2:15 run)

left to proper: spd tower stage, icaru A, icaru B, icaru C, Verd. The quantity is the minimal spd (Credit score to Puyaya):

I didn’t take the 14 flip method because it requires 34 extra spd for icaru A. And icaruA A doesn’t want a number of accuracy, simply be certain that at the least one in every of your icaru has excessive sufficient accuracy (I believe ~40% is nice sufficient). Any further protection that exceeds the requirement is a waste as icaru’s dmg doesn’t scale with def however atk.

For artifacts, I’ll roll the white artifacts to +Three and see the way it goes. If I see any good subs (e.g. dmg+ when assault collectively, ability 1 accuracy) then I’ll proceed. It simply prices little or no mana.

For the mid-boss, if you happen to don’t have sufficient dmg, you must goal the crystals first. The crystals will transfer at spherical 15. In case you can’t kill the mid boss, your verd might get focused by two crystals and die. However if you happen to goal the crystals first, the dragon will reset you and your team-up will get reset. It’s nonetheless good as your expertise will come again up earlier than the subsequent stage.

Boss stage flip:

13 flip (Boss hit 1st time) -> 17 flip (Immunity tower strikes) (Boss has round 40% hp left) -> 29 turns (Boss hit 2nd time) -> 39 flip (Immunity tower strikes) -> 40 – 45 turns (Kill the boss is determined by the crit)

For transmog, the optimum setup is Halloween Verd, and a pair of on Mecha Icaru, one with out transmog. I have not farm sufficient stone but so I’ve no transmog.

6) Something I’ve finished incorrect

6* these models too early: Basalt Grego Ken Tetra

Not mandatory: Hemos Baretta Konamiya VEROMOS (Greatest remorse, enormous waste of sources and I’m not even utilizing the violent set from the fusion reward)

Mav can be utilized in rift beast, however I didn’t use him wherever. He’s good tho.

7) Basic Suggestions

  1. You may be extra selective/choosy for runes from B12. I’ve mana subject since day1 so if you happen to maintain too many blue runes you then normally don’t have the mana to energy up them. You’re going to get them again or higher runes with the upper rune drop price in B12.

  2. In situation farming, don’t use buddies rep to stage up 1* fodder in faimon hell. It takes Three run to max its stage which is identical utilizing your individual rep.

  3. In case you can farm B5 in 2A, refill the dhole power. You want rather a lot to 2A these core models. Not a should, is determined by the state of affairs as at all times.

  4. Once you get tilted, simply take a brief break and calm down. It’s only a sport bro. And don’t get bothered by the label of f2p. There’s nothing incorrect to toss like just a few {dollars} into the sport for each day packs if you happen to like.

8) Basic questions

Q1: You aren’t F2P, how are you getting that many power and crystals to farm?

A1: TOA and TOAH provides a number of sources, plus the achievement thingy provides me 1000 crystals after I clear TOAH. Keep in mind to examine the Occasion web page for the chakram transmog occasion (For crystals, scrolls, power) and dhole power refund.

Q2: What number of dedication set at the least for tricaru?

A2: No mounted units. You may go along with zero if you happen to bought runes with good subs. In case you bought a lot units then you possibly can go along with 12 units. All is determined by you rune crafting outcomes and your rune bag. Simply keep in mind 5* def% works as effectively.

Q3: Do you might have any alts/buddies carrying you?

A3: No. My Three different accounts are on Asia server and that is on International. The r5 file is for enjoyable once I was operating with foxySW essential. I solely do r4 when it was free raid entrance.

This fall: What’s your DB12 workforce earlier than tricaru?

A4: No I did not farm DB12 earlier than that. It’s means too troublesome to farm it constantly with respectable velocity. That is the rationale why I made a decision to make this workforce as early as attainable.

9) Abstract

HOLY SHIT this may be an essay LOL. Certainly I’ve bought far more I wish to share however it’s so lengthy already.

I’m penning this to offer insights for newer gamers that don’t know what to do. Once more, a information isn’t meant to be a strict path that you need to comply with. If you’re new to the sport, you possibly can seek advice from my information right here; If you’re constructing an alt account, simply seek advice from different guides that can price you much less time and extra effectively.

I hope persons are extra keen to share their thought course of and their success instances, and most significantly, benefit from the sport!

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