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FreeCell is a solitaire card recreation with all playing cards seen initially of the sport, which makes it fairly distinctive in comparison with different solitaire video games.

  • Household: FreeCell Solitaire Video games
  • Decks: One deck (52 playing cards)
  • Sport time: Medium
  • Probability of successful: Excessive

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The aim in FreeCell is to maneuver all playing cards from the tableau to the inspiration, making use of the 4 free cells (additionally known as reserve) that you should use as short-term storage. The foundations ought to be constructed up inside the identical go well with and in ascending order, ranging from Ace as much as King. To win the sport, all playing cards ought to be faraway from the tableau.

Format & deal

All playing cards from one deck (52 playing cards in complete) are dealt face-up into eight tableau piles. The 4 leftmost tableau piles every have seven playing cards, whereas the 4 rightmost tableau piles every have six playing cards. There are 4 free cells (high left) and 4 basis piles (high proper).

The offers are random, besides in the event you decide a numbered deal. This FreeCell solitaire recreation has all the identical offers as the unique Home windows recreation that got here free along with your pc (1-32000). The sport numbers of the Home windows recreation correspond precisely with this recreation.

The wonderful thing about FreeCell is that just about each deal will be solved. From the unique 32000 Microsoft offers, solely deal quantity 11982 is unsolvable.

Allowed strikes

  • You may transfer the highest card of a tableau stack on high of one other tableau stack if the goal card has a unique coloration and is one rank larger than the moved card.
  • You can too transfer a number of high playing cards of a tableau stack to a different tableau pile, however provided that they’ve alternating colours and are in ascending order (e.g. Pink King, Black Queen, Pink Jack, Black 10, Pink 9). The variety of playing cards you may transfer collectively in a sequence will depend on the variety of empty free cells and the variety of empty tableau piles you may have. The thought behind this rule is which you can solely transfer a sequence of playing cards in the event you might have additionally moved it utilizing particular person card strikes. Some video games incorrectly assist you to transfer sequences of any size, or they use an incorrect system (e.g. empty free cells + empty tableau piles + 1). Learn this text for extra details about the so-called FreeCell PowerMoves.
  • You may transfer any card or sequence of playing cards onto an empty tableau pile.
  • You may transfer a card from the highest of a tableau stack or from a free cell to the inspiration if the inspiration has the cardboard one decrease in rank of the identical go well with. An Ace can at all times be moved to the inspiration. It’s not potential to maneuver a card from the inspiration again to the tableau or to an empty cell.
  • Chances are you’ll place any particular person card in one of many free cells within the high left. Every free cell could include just one card.
  • You may transfer a card from a free cell to the inspiration piles or again to the tableau piles, in keeping with the foundations defined above.
  • You may undo a transfer by clicking the undo button
  • Playing cards are typically performed mechanically for elevated comfort. Aces are at all times moved mechanically to the inspiration when accessible. A Two is mechanically moved to the inspiration if the corresponding Ace is already there. Larger-ranked playing cards (Three and above) are mechanically moved to the inspiration if all of the lower-ranked playing cards of the alternative coloration are within the basis. For instance: if the inspiration comprises Ace, 2 and three of Spades and Ace, 2 and three of Golf equipment, and the Four of Hearts or Diamonds is uncovered, it is going to be mechanically performed to the inspiration (if it may be moved there in keeping with the foundations above).

The quantity of playing cards you may transfer on the identical time with a FreeCell PowerMove is calculated as follows:
(1 + variety of empty free cells) * 2 ^ (variety of empty tableau columns).
The desk beneath offers the consequence for some combos of empty free cells and empty tableau columns.

Empty Tableau Columns Empty Free Cells Card Sequence Size
0 0 1
0 1 2
0 2 3
0 3 4
0 4 5
1 0 2
1 1 4
1 2 6
1 3 8
1 4 10
2 0 4
2 1 8
2 2 12
2 3 16
2 4 20



Scoring in FreeCell relies on the quantity of strikes. Along with the quantity of strikes, there’s additionally a timer so you will get an thought of the time you want for a particular deal.


In line with Solitaire Laboratory, 99.999% of FreeCell offers are solvable. Moreover, all playing cards are seen from the beginning, so there’s much less luck concerned in comparison with Klondike Solitaire or Spider Solitaire. Use the next methods and tricks to win FreeCell each time you play:

  • Assume forward: Earlier than shifting a card, at all times assume a couple of steps forward whether or not the transfer you’re about to do is definitely useful. Apparent strikes usually are not at all times essentially the most useful.
  • Concentrate on low playing cards first: Earlier than making your first transfer, analyze how the playing cards are dealt and take into consideration a method to free the low playing cards (Aces, Twos), that are in direction of the underside of a tableau pile. Then begin with uncovering the low playing cards as quickly as potential.
  • Treasure free cells: Attempt to maintain your free cells empty so long as potential, as this can improve the quantity of playing cards you may transfer in a single go.
  • Empty tableau piles: Attempt to empty a tableau pile as a result of they’re extra highly effective in comparison with a free cell. An empty tableau pile lets you transfer sequences of playing cards onto it, whilst you can solely transfer single playing cards onto the free cells.
  • Make full sequences in an empty tableau pile: Begin with inserting a King in an empty tableau pile and construct a sequence on high of it. The benefit of that is that these playing cards are out of the way in which whilst you attempt to uncover lower-ranked playing cards.
  • Do not fill the inspiration too early: It’s not at all times greatest to maneuver a card to the inspiration as quickly as it’s potential since you would possibly want them afterward to maneuver round lower-ranked playing cards of different fits. The sport will mechanically transfer playing cards to the inspiration as soon as you’ll not want them anymore.

Historical past

The oldest ancestor of FreeCell is a recreation known as Eight Off. It launched the concept of short-term storage areas for single playing cards, the so-called free cells. The remainder of the gameplay is much like FreeCell, however there are two main variations: Eight Off makes use of eight free cells and the tableau is constructed in-suit.

Based mostly on Eight Off, C.L. Baker invented a recreation that was described by Martin Gardner in his June 1968 Mathematical Video games column in Scientific American. This variation is now often called Baker’s Sport and has 4 free cells, much like FreeCell. The tableau continues to be constructed in-suit simply as in Eight Off.

The primary pc model of FreeCell was made by Paul Alfille in 1978, who modified Baker’s Sport into FreeCell by introducing one change to the foundations: the tableau is constructed by alternating coloration as an alternative of by go well with. For extra details about how Paul programmed the primary pc model of FreeCell within the TUTOR programming language for the PLATO instructional pc system, you may learn an interview printed right here.

FreeCell is now one of many three hottest solitaire variants (along with Klondike Solitaire and Spider Solitaire), principally as a result of it was bundled with Microsoft Home windows 95 and later, giving tens of millions of individuals free entry to the sport.


  • Eight Off: Comparable gameplay as Freecell, nevertheless it has eight free cells, the tableau is constructed down in-suit, and solely kings will be positioned in empty tableau columns. Initially, one card is dealt to every of the primary 4 free cells.
  • Baker’s Sport: Baker’s Sport is much like FreeCell, besides that the tableau is constructed in-suit.
  • Seahaven Towers: Seahaven Towers resembles FreeCell, with 4 free cells. As a substitute of eight columns in Free Cell, the tableau in Seahaven Towers has 10 columns of 5 playing cards every. The remaining two playing cards are dealt to 2 of the 4 free cells. Just like Eight Off and Baker’s Sport, the tableau is constructed in-suit.
  • Penguin Solitaire: Penguin has seven columns of seven playing cards. The primary card dealt to the tableau is known as the “beak”. The three different playing cards within the deck with the identical rank are instantly performed on the inspiration. The foundations are constructed in-suit and in ascending order. The tableau columns are constructed in-suit and descending order.


arrange and deal FreeCell?

FreeCell has eight tableau piles, 4 free cells and 4 basis piles. All 52 playing cards of 1 deck are dealt face-up into the eight tableau piles. The 4 leftmost tableau piles every get seven playing cards, whereas the 4 rightmost tableau piles every get six playing cards.

Why cannot I transfer stacks in FreeCell?

The default rule in FreeCell is which you can solely transfer one card at a time. Nonetheless, through the use of the free cells and empty tableau columns, you may transfer card sequences on the identical time. Pc variations of FreeCell mechanically decide whether or not shifting a sure stack of playing cards is allowed, making it rather more handy to play FreeCell on a pc in contrast with bodily playing cards. The quantity of playing cards you may transfer on the identical time is calculated as follows: (1 + variety of empty free cells) * 2 ^ (variety of empty tableau columns).

What number of FreeCell video games are there?

A deck of playing cards will be shuffled in 52! methods (52 factorial), which is about 8×10^67. A few of these offers are comparable (e.g. swapping two columns), leading to round 1.75×10^64 totally different offers. For a single particular person, it’s inconceivable to play all of them in a lifetime. Assuming a deal takes on common 5 minutes to finish, 1 billion folks taking part in continuous for 100 years would nonetheless solely have the ability to full 1.05×10^16 totally different offers.

Are there unwinnable FreeCell video games?

Sure, there are unsolvable FreeCell offers! From the unique 32,000 offers, solely deal #11982 is unsolvable. From the primary 1 million recreation numbers, Eight are unsolvable. On the whole, a statistical research by Don Woods in 1994 concluded that 99.999% of offers are solvable.

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