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free roam (plural free roams)

  1. (video video games) A recreation mode the place gamers can discover the sport surroundings at will, somewhat than following a set story line.
    • 2011, Craig Haen, Participating Boys in Therapy: Artistic Approaches to the Remedy Course of, →ISBN:

      If gamers can wander freely in regards to the online game surroundings at their very own tempo with no linear pathway, as in Grand Theft Auto, the sport is known as a “sandbox” or “free roam” recreation.

    • 2017, Hse Sport, Lego Star Wars The Power Unleashed Wii U Unofficial Sport Information, →ISBN:

      This achievement may be acquired in a number of locations on this planet, each free roam mode and in story mode.

    • 2017, The Cheat Mistress, EZ Gamer, →ISBN:

      Lethal Premonition borrows from nearly each recreation on the market. It has the unusual otherworld from Silent Hill (albeit not as creepy), the interactive cinematic components from Heavy Rain (albeit not as pretentious), the free roam freedom of Grand Theft Auto (albeit not as massive), and is in actual fact the open-world investigative journey Alan Wake first promised to be.

  2. The proper to maneuver with out restrictions all through a particular locale.
    • 2008, Jack Wiles, Ted Claypoole, & Phil Drake, Techno Safety’s Information to Securing SCADA, →ISBN:

      Whether or not it is theft of delicate digital data or constructing plans, or passive safety that enables free roams of your corporation, each bit of information that the dangerous guys can use to formulate assault in opposition to try to be safeguarded or correctly disposed of.

    • 2011, Lance Wilson, Second Born, →ISBN, web page 314:

      The final mentioned he had free roam of the town, he might transfer by the streets and nobody might do something.

    • 2014, Marit Emilie Buseth & Richard Saunders, Rabbit Behaviour, Well being and Care, →ISBN, web page 30:

      Gråtass was adopted, and is at the moment dwelling with a rabbit companion with entry to free roam of the home.

    • 2014, David Perlmutter, Grain Mind Cookbook, →ISBN:

      Free-range eggs are these gathered from hens who’ve indoor quarters, however who’re allowed free roam within the open air (although usually in an enclosed or fenced space).

  3. A sort of wi-fi service plan the place there isn’t any price distinction between on and off community utilization.


free roam (third-person singular easy current free roams, current participle free roaming, easy previous and previous participle free roamed)

  1. (video video games) To play in free roam mode.
    • 2015,, Murderer’s Creed: Syndicate – Technique Information, →ISBN:

      After finishing the preliminary London Story reminiscence ‘The Darkest Hour’, you’ll free roam in WWI-era London and full some extra affiliate duties.

  2. To maneuver about or discover at will inside a specified space.
    • 2011, Kim Schilling, Ferrets For Dummies, →ISBN, web page 138:

      For inexperienced persons within the pure weight-reduction plan world, I do not usually advocate feeding your ferret brazenly the place she free roams, though many individuals do it with nice success.

    • 2014, Jason Nachbaur, The Blue Recluse, →ISBN, web page 121:

      A part of me desires to proceed alongside this path and the opposite half desires to free roam off the crushed path and discover my very own method or die attempting.

    • 2014, Aaron Marcus, Design, Person Expertise, and Usability, →ISBN:

      Every participant was proven 7 web sites and allowed to free roam a static picture of the location for 30 seconds.

  3. To permit animals the precise to maneuver freely inside a big space.
    • 2009, Ralph Morton, God, Kate, & I, →ISBN, web page 214:

      They free roamed or ranged cattle from Ingalls or Cimarron, Kansas to Lamar, Colorado, and from the Arkansas River to the Cimarron River.

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