Fortnite Zero Level ONLY Problem!! Ok-CITY GAMING

Let’s play the Fortnite Zero Level ONLY Problem!!! SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! Extra Fortnite: …

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35 Thoughts to “Fortnite Zero Level ONLY Problem!! Ok-CITY GAMING”

  1. Ruby Yusufali

    u guys are awsome

  2. Tate Foussat

    When I watch you guys play the Kurt Angle theme goes on in my head You suck! You suck! You suck!


    And you should play with me nova havoc


    You should play with other people like you did in among us

  5. Brooke Klingbeil

    Your in bad lobby’s

  6. Jon Hall

    I'm not trying to be mean but you sound like Goofy

  7. Juanito Balderas

    Kidcity can you gyts plz play adopt me in roblox

  8. Karoline Wafik

    I am boy

  9. Karoline Wafik

    Can you play with me fortnite

  10. Jumabd

    You a little bad at ok

  11. Amazing grace Maloba channel

    amazing gamers

  12. Sarai and Reuel Youtube world

    I think you should do this fortnite thing that I've seen people a person do you have to stay alive in fortnite for 24 hours

  13. tinuola folusho

    You are thembest

  14. Lucas Macdonald

    Why did you stop your cowboys series

  15. Cassandra h

    I love love love love this is not really girl my mom side and two I don’t know what it’s called but she’s going to do it in like a girl and I really really love you guises channel

  16. Ahmad weda

    is my channel

  17. Ahmad weda

    please subscribe

  18. Ahmad weda

    hey i am sad

  19. Christine Taylor

    Caleb Taylor: I love gaming videos and family gaming videos and by the way i feel the same way to

  20. Briana Jay

    Can you guy do anther madden seon

  21. Hannah Ridley

    I want more fortnight

  22. Gungun Das

    Hi kidcity please do mandolorian gear test

  23. Holdenm 17

    Best choice of words!

  24. Derek Pisz

    Wwe 2k20 road to wrestle mania please


    Can you please add me its sjsplayen12

  26. cas P

    Kid city can u make video like your playing with fans my user is calebxandy

  27. Sean Bragg

    I want more little flash madden 21 franchise rise to fame

  28. apples

    spend more time in cretive

  29. Jirka Nekvinda

    You are noobs Come 2v2 losers

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