Factorio Evaluate

Factorio reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC. Factorio is nice PC recreation that slipped via our evaluate internet by being in early entry from 2016 (earlier than we reviewed …

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38 Thoughts to “Factorio Evaluate”

  1. Matt Forbes

    What no spidertron love?

  2. Fabi

    Pixel-art style? 8/10? Did you play the game? LOL

  3. Maloo2brvo

    Honestly one of the best games of it's class

  4. Spiny Slasher

    Mate this game's no less than a 10.

  5. Kyle Jones

    Yeah sorry. Factorio is a 10.

  6. Alibek Kopbayev

    One of the best reviews I’ve seen. I’ll give it a 2/10 rating.

  7. Bogdan Gabriel

    ”Ultracomplex logistics chains” … tie this guy up to play Py mods for 1 straight day

  8. Nathan Harrington

    8/10 Automation game has to much automation – IGN

  9. Matt Scrapper

    What does IGN think of Factorio? Who cares lol
    We have already seen many people cover this game and I have been playing it for like a year already.
    Why does this video have so many dislikes? People don't hate Factorio. lol

  10. Esesem ssm

    In short- requires a university degree to play this game well

  11. charinflanrocks

    IGN just should give up and declare that they are just a marketing agency for big publishers.

  12. Hector Ordorica

    10 out of 10 with Rice.

  13. Taiki Fujita

    Starcraft + Terraria = This

  14. SuperGarryGamer

    3:06 Reject Factorio, return to OpenTTD

  15. ItsCommanderG

    8 lol, this is a easy 10. Just doesn't have that triple A price Tag or developer does it IGN…..

  16. Stephen Lambert

    Wow. 8/10 for one of the highest rated games on Steam.

    Looks like we were all wrong.

  17. Slava Baurchi

    40 hours is just the tutorial

  18. Hytale Fanboi

    They didnt even say why it isn't a 10.

  19. RuddsReels

    Hasn't this game been out for years?

  20. ffsrekt418 8

    No wonder you're out of copper you dunce you don't smelt directly on top of it long term

  21. AXY BAD

    the real problem here is that for ign standards, a score of 8 is considered low ( due to the massive amount of garbage that gets 9's and 10's ).

  22. Mladen Djuricic

    Well, someone didn't do homework…

  23. Aidan G

    In no way is this an 8, you played the game for about 10 hours and didn't even finish it. This is an insult to wube software. This game is nearly flawless with amazing support and hours of content. Not to mention the very large modding community with plenty of amazing mods available. From what I'm seeing, you have no clue how to actually play the game, as no large scale automation or production was created. At least do a full playthrough before you rate a game.

  24. EricT43

    40 hours? Congrats, you completed the tutorial.

  25. Gamma Ray

    2:47 did he serious belt the the outpost to his base? we have train for that
    3:07 oh… nvm carry on.

  26. Thomas Rogers

    Vanilla review: ["… complex manufacturing chains is a bit much…"]

    Just wait until he gets to the petrochem portion.

  27. Definately Krell

    His 40 hour factory looks like the first 3 blueprints I place on a new save.

  28. xD

    the factory has to grow

  29. Phil Dog

    "futuristic super-hero"

    You play an alien invader murdering hundreds of sentient native creatures just defending their home. It sounds less like you're the super-hero and more like you're the super-villain.

  30. Peter Müller

    40 hours? So you build the factory, that will let you build the factory to later build the REAL factory

  31. FTW Gaming

    cyberpunk 2077 9 out of 10 ROFLMAO

  32. MOON MEN

    Factorio; Logistics robots
    IGN: Drone.

  33. MrArbiter103

    To all the people hating on this review, I agree that the game deserves a 10, not an 8, but can we at least appreciate that the reviewer at least somewhat acknowledges how intricate and well put together the game is?

    Also, to anyone watching the review and reading the comments who doesn't have the game: get it. Its an absolute masterpiece and is absolutely worth your time. IGN tried their best here but didn't quite hit the mark when talking about satisfying it is to play and progress

  34. illuzion Plays

    8/10? Please. This is the best game ever made.

  35. Quantum

    If the base game overwhelmed this guy, nobody tell him about the mods, I'm 100~ hours into a modded save and I'd consider this to be the early mid game.

  36. MTK

    Underrated this game hard.

    The factory must grow!

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