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“As soon as we have been united in opposition to a standard foe. Now we’re bathed within the blood of our personal households.”

Divided We Stand

Launched on December 4, 2007 by NC Tender’s E & G Studios, Exteel (recognized in China as G7 On-line) was a Korean massively multiplayer on-line third particular person shooter, just like Gunz and its “Hong Kong-syle gunplay” however with Humongous Mecha. The sport ran for nearly three years earlier than NCSoft abruptly shut it down on September 1, 2010.

The current time for Exteel is A.D. 2107. Thirty years in the past, rebels from Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter fought in opposition to the Galactic Federation and misplaced. The vanquished have been herded up and deported to a different star system, the place they settled on the planet Natha. There, on the continent Taryn, they constructed three nations; the Martians based Marston, the Jupiter refugees based Palamo, and the Saturnians based Aiers.

Marston is essentially the most militaristic and aristocratic of the previous rebellious colonies. They have been the final to fall to the Galactic Federation, and apparently the primary to reach on Natha, as a result of their colonization of the planet wasn’t a cakewalk. Compelled underground by meteor showers on the time of founding, Marston has a extremely industrialized society. Alternatively, the democratic nation Palamo fared a lot better, touchdown on a piece of Taryn most ultimate for farming, changing into a breadbasket of Natha. Aiers based itself in isolation from the opposite two nations, and of the three boasts the perfect expertise and scientific prowess. It has tried to stay impartial in all disputes which have cropped up since colonization.

Issues went bitter shortly. A bit of Marston needed independence from the remainder of the nation. Palamo assisted them, which Marston was not about to simply accept. Though this new fourth nation calls itself West Palamo, Marston does not acknowledge its independence, and this dispute introduced the 4 international locations very near the brink of conflict. All it took was for one assault on a Marston outpost—for which they blamed Palamo—for full scale conflict to erupt.

The nations of Natha have been forbidden by the Galactic Federation from taking army tools with them after they colonized the planet, however there’s a couple of technique to wage conflict. As Marston’s dwelling grown forces advance into Palamo, the 4 nations are hiring mercenaries to ship to the entrance strains. The first weapons platform used on this battle are the agile Mechanaughts, with every of the 4 nations creating their very own fashions on high of those out there from off-world sources. That is the place the gamers are available …

Exteel offers examples of the next tropes:

  • A Mech by Any Different Title: The Mechanaughts.
  • Airborne Plane Provider: One of many playable areas is Cellular Fortress, which is visibly flying over a panorama and has its personal host of flying gunships.
  • All There within the Guide: NCSoft launched background info on Exteel in locations outdoors the sport itself.
  • Beneath the Earth: The nation of Marston. One playable space is Underground Metropolis, most definitely set on this nation.
  • BFG: Rockets and Cannons aren’t solely two-handed weapons, they’re enormous.
  • Bottomless Magazines: The one factor stopping a Mechanaught from firing endlessly is warmth. Should be the Hyperspace Arsenal working for them …
  • Bottomless Pits: The world Defrosted Summit will be very nasty to combat in. Lagspikes can ship you off the sting of the bottom, plummeting down the mountain to your dying.
  • Bribing Your Strategy to Victory: Initially averted. Whereas lots of Exteel’s weapons and Mechanaught components have been purchasable with actual cash—and in some instances may not be purchased with in-game cash—this didn’t embody the sport’s strongest gear, which have been solely purchasable with in-game cash. The overall development was that gamers who purchase objects with actual cash weren’t precisely overpowered, however they do get extra choices than a participant who does not.
    • Alternatively, this did put low-leveled individuals who don’t need to spend cash at a drawback, since a stage 1 pilot can plunk down just a few {dollars} and purchase themselves a great Mechanaught or weapons. There is no stage restriction on components.
    • Nonetheless, towards the tip of Exteel’s run, this trope began to seep into gameplay. Gamers may pay a small sum to “lease out” abilities and premium “superior” abilities in addition to customized Operators who present latent boosts. There have been no free strategies to acquiring both.
  • Seize the Flag: One of many out there gameplay modes.
  • Vital Existence Failure: When you hit zero HP, your Mechanaught falls to the bottom and explodes. Till that time, your mechanaught operates usually.
  • Vital Hit: Occurs with melee assaults sometimes.
  • Cyber Cyclops: The essential Pinkett Mechanaught’s optics appear to be this, presumably as a Shout-Out to the Zaku of Cellular Go well with Gundam.
  • Demise from Above: A lot of gamers apply the play type of “Dragooning.” It helps that spear thrusts permit you to plummet to the bottom very shortly, so mixed with a great high-jump backpack unit, any Mechanaught can put the Dragoons of Remaining Fantasy to disgrace.
    • Macross Missile Bloodbath: One of many abilities for Mechanaughts with rocket launchers is particularly named Demise from Above. It combines that trope with this one: the Mechanaught jumps excessive into the air and quickly fires missiles on targets under.
  • Deflector Shields: One of many handheld shields is simply such an object. Often called the Power Protect, it is nice for defending in opposition to ranged (however not siege-level) weapons.
  • Die, Chair, Die!: You may knock over lampposts, shoot out billboard commercials and blow up the vehicles of hapless residents. Generally. There is no reward in doing it, although.
  • Do Not Drop Your Weapon: Averted, if solely as a result of Mechanaughts by no means let go of their weapons when destroyed.
  • Twin Wielding: Mechanaughts can wield two spears or two swords without delay. Some abilities require this.
  • In the course of the Conflict: Properly, throughout the conflict on Natha, anyway.
  • Vitality Weapons
    • Laser Blade: Despite the fact that its title is Particle Blade, the outline says it makes use of a centered beam of power.
  • World Forex: Credit.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Decide a Mechanaught’s head. Any head. Each final certainly one of them options these.
  • Gun Kata: Occurs with fairly just a few particular assaults that Mechanaught pilots can carry out, and seen throughout the FMV intro/trailer the place a Trooper Mechanaught dispatches plenty of enemies this fashion.
  • Weapons Akimbo: Mechanaughts can wield two one-handed ranged weapons without delay. Not simply mecha-sized pistols and submachine weapons, however shotguns and rifles as properly. Marathon’s Safety Officer can be proud.
    • The Gunslinger: Mechanaughts are relatively showy with their SMGs and handguns, spinning them earlier than and after firing.
  • Humongous Mecha
    • Actual Robotic: Some issues appear a bit of extra like Tremendous Robotic stuff, however that is majorly on the Actual facet of the spectrum.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Mechanaughts carry two units of weapons, however they do not visibly carry the set they are not utilizing; it simply seems in a burst of electrical energy.
  • Impossibly Swish Big: Regardless of their dimension and mass, Mechanaughts have all of the grace and dexterity of ballerinas.
  • Katanas Are Simply Higher: The Katana-like Crimson Edge is the Jack-of-All-Stats out of the at present out there swords, averting the trope. In actual fact, its low-grade kind is customary problem.
  • Mecha-Mooks: A mixture of each elements of the trope; not solely are they anonymous mass-produced models, they’re additionally explicitly labeled “Drones.” In Final Stand video games, gamers must defend an space from hordes of them, whereas destroying the mooks’ outpost. Additionally they seem in different team-based modes to protect management factors and decelerate enemy gamers.
    • These Final Stand mooks would possibly be Marston’s dwelling grown forces talked about within the backstory.
  • Microtransactions: This was Exteel’s enterprise mannequin—see Bribing Your Strategy to Victory above.
  • Mission Management: Operator Sarah, who used to endure from oddly voice-acted Engrish till she obtained new voice performing from a patch a while in June 2008. For instance: In case your workforce managed to maintain the enemy from capturing your flag after they’d taken it, she would say: “We recaptured our flag again!” In a very awkward-sounding trend.
    • Towards the tip of Exteel’s run, E & G Studios launched extra Operators who, for a small payment, may substitute Sarah for a month’s price of time. Every of those Operators offered their very own buffs when chosen to supervise the participant’s mission.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: When a Mechanaught prompts a ability that particularly targets one other Mechanaught, each are handled to a cutscene-like animation of the ability being carried out on the sufferer whereas the battle continues round them … and lots of of them are brutal. There’s even one “Beat Down” that includes a Mechanaught slapping down its foe with a protect after which unloading its SMG into the chest of its sufferer!
  • Rage Stop: Some gamers like to interact in CADing (hitting Management-Alt-Delete to deliver up Activity Supervisor and killing the method to be able to keep away from a loss) a lot to the annoyance of others.
  • Roboteching (Backpack-mounted weapons techniques do that to an extent)
  • Sword Combat: Swordplay has fairly a little bit of focus in Exteel, contemplating they’re one of many main kinds of melee weapons out there to Mechanaughts.
  • The Conflict Sequence: Final Stand modes pit a workforce of gamers in opposition to hordes of Mooks, by which they have to forestall them from capturing Aerogates.
  • This Is a Drill: The Steel Helix spear.

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