• Phrases (and circumstances): GC=golden cookie, WC=wrath cookie, DF=dragonflight, DH=dragon harvest, CF=click on frenzy, EF=elder frenzy, F=frenzy, BS=constructing particular, FTHOF=Drive the Hand of Destiny, spell from grimoire that spawns a GC, CPS=cookies per second, nat/pure GCs=GCs gotten by naturally spawning, not FTHOF GCs or something like that

  • Scrying is a trick that may be achieved 100% in sport with none savescumming or exterior instruments. It predicts the following spell (often FTHOF), and so it is extremely helpful for combos, particularly for those who do not like savescumming or planner. for a information (beware, made by me, very dangerous).  

  • Dualcasting FTHOF may be achieved by casting FTHOF, after which promoting wizard towers to decrease the value of FTHOF till you’ll be able to solid it once more. Quadcasting FTHOF may be achieved by dualcasting, then shopping for again your wizard towers, then repeating. Sexcasting FTHOF may be achieved by doing the above, after which harvesting a caramelized sugar lump, which can reset the 15 minute cooldown on magic refills, after which refilling and dualcasting as soon as extra. When you use planner, multicasting FTHOF is crucial to getting extra GCs and buffs in your combo. When you do not, it is in all probability not value clicking multicasted GCs as you’ll be able to solely assure 1 GC from scrying (until you scryed an EF and wish to attempt the 25% probability of CF or one thing like that). In fact, you do not have to click on the GCs from FTHOF in any respect, and on the very least you will get a pleasant multiplier from Dragon’s Fortune.

  • Having the three fundamental GC upgrades (Fortunate Day, Serendipity, and Get Fortunate) lets you stack frenzy + one other buff, often constructing particular, so it’s totally good to have and important for getting some greater combos.

  • Having a small pre-combo earlier than doing another combos is beneficial, because it lets you plant Golden Clovers, get some extra buildings, and so forth.

Degree First handy spot (beginning towers->remaining towers) Optimum handy spot (quickest mana regen in between combos)
1 321->21 537->37
2 314->14 531->31
3 308->8 524->24
4 403->3 413->13
5 401->1 407->7
6 401->1 403->3
7 401->1 610->10
8 501->1 608->8
9 501->1 604->4
10 501->1 601->1


  • Miscellaneous buffs/results resembling Golden Change, Sugar Frenzy, loans, and so forth. can (and possibly ought to) be utilized for a lift to your fundamental combo.

    • Golden change: very highly effective (+150% CPS), ought to virtually at all times be included in a combo if potential. Simply just be sure you have sufficient cookies to modify it on (significantly throughout first combo of ascension), and that you simply spawn in all pure GCs earlier than toggling.

    • Sugar Frenzy: additionally very highly effective (3x), however it will probably solely be used as soon as per ascension so do not waste it on a small combo like F+CF. Ensure to have a sugar lump on the prepared (and extra for those who plan on quadcasting)

    • Loans: common mortgage is okay, pawnshop mortgage is superior (however brief, so be fast), and retirement mortgage lasts for a very long time but additionally has a really lengthy payback time, so use it sparingly (it additionally has the least impact on CPS, so it is arguably the least helpful).

    • Shimmering Veil: solely usable for backyard combos, in all probability should not be utilizing it on click on combos.

    • GC Fortune: you’ll be able to click on it to hope for one thing good, or simply depart it for an additional multiplier for Dragon’s Fortune.

  • Frenzy and constructing specials ought to at all times be included within the combo. Often, you get a frenzy + 1 constructing particular naturally, after which get extra buffs with FTHOF. With golden clovers, you will get extraordinarily lengthy frenzies, then get dragon harvest + constructing particular for 3 buffs. You possibly can even stack 2 constructing specials, though you will solely have ~15 seconds left on the primary constructing particular so it is often not value it. As for FTHOF golden cookies, many of the talked about buffs shall be gotten naturally, so for those who do not use planner then your FTHOFs shall be directed to different buffs. You will get a BS by scrying, nonetheless it is inferior to scrying out an EF, so do not go for it intentionally. When you do use planner, get as a lot constructing specials in as potential, as these can simply give 50x manufacturing, and are simply stackable.

  • Dragon harvest is a really good buff, as a result of it giving 15x manufacturing and lasting for a good period of time (1 minute base). You must incorporate this if potential, and undoubtedly embody it in an enormous combo, together with frenzy. You often get F+DH+BS with golden clovers, as described above. It’s also possible to get it with out golden clovers, nonetheless it both requires you to get a number of frenzies in a row, or so that you can promote buildings to Krumblor for the Dragon Orbs aura. Dragon harvest alone with out frenzy is first rate, nonetheless it is much less widespread and lasts for a shorter time, so attempt for F+DH+BS if in any respect potential.

  • Elder frenzy is an excellent buff (666x), nonetheless it solely lasts for six seconds base so it’s essential to time it rigorously to overlap with Godzamok. Often you get this by FTHOF, utilizing planner to foretell it forward of time. Nevertheless, for those who do not use planner, you’ll be able to nonetheless scry it out, nonetheless, which means that CF is not assured, so it throws a little bit of luck into the combo.

  • Click on frenzy is a should have, clearly, and also you often get it from FTHOF. You both use planner or scry it out.

  • Dragonflight is a little bit of a difficult one. You can’t get it from FTHOF, so the technique is to attend for a naturally spawning GC, then click on it in hopes that it will give DF. Dragonflight alone is simply ~10% higher than click on frenzy, so utilizing it as an alternative choice to click on frenzy is not value it. Nevertheless, the true technique lies in stacking CF and DF, which can give large rewards. This requires Golden Clovers, although, to get it earlier than a constructing particular ends, and so that you can bear in mind which FTHOF provides CF so you do not click on that one earlier than the DF GC and cancel out CF.

  • Dragon’s Fortune provides a 2.23x multiplier per GC on display. If in case you have planner, many of the GCs you spawn will give desired buffs resembling constructing particular, so it isn’t value leaving them on display. Nevertheless, for those who do not use planner, Dragon’s Fortune can be utilized by quadcasting FTHOF, clicking the (scryed) CF, after which leaving the remainder on display for a pleasant multiplier.

  • Dragon Orbs can be utilized to summon a GC on demand for a free buff (like frenzy), which makes it a really handy aura to make use of rather than, say, golden clovers. Attempt to make them overlap with the following GC spawn time, so that you simply get as a lot overlap as potential. One factor to notice is its anti-synergy with Godzamok, so be certain to unslot it earlier than utilizing (and perhaps slot one thing else like Vomitrax as a substitute).

  • Golden Clovers are used to get the aforementioned F+DH+BS, amongst different issues like getting DF throughout a combo. Clearly, this plant could be very helpful, however is simply wanted for getting pure GC spawns. As soon as that occurs, you’ll be able to swap them out for different vegetation for CPS/click on bonuses, (word that as a result of method Golden Clovers work, you’ll be able to eliminate them after the second to final GC that you simply want is clicked).

  • Nursetulips take a little bit of CPS, however in return increase different vegetation. It’s suggested to make use of them to amplify backyard results (plant them in alternating rows between the plant that you really want and nursetulips). Additionally word that the CPS penalty from nursetulips goes away as quickly as they’re harvested, however their effectivity bonus does not go away till the tip of the tick, so if you wish to swap out Golden Clovers you’ll be able to simply click on harvest all and refill the backyard with the opposite plant, whereas nonetheless retaining the effectivity bonus.

  • Whiskerblooms may be planted in spite of everything naturally spawning GCs come and it is protected to reap your Golden Clovers, for an additional little bit of CPS (thumbcorn additionally works, albeit a bit bit worse). You additionally need clay for soil, for the additional results. When you’re lazy and do not use Golden Clovers, you’ll be able to simply wait till the whiskerblooms are mature.

  • Pantheon gods: clearly Godzamok ought to be in diamond for a fats click on multiplier, and Mokalsium for the sheer CPS. The opposite gods to fit in could be Muridal for the clicking buffs and one other CPS god resembling Jeremy. One setup could be Godzamok/Mokalsium/Muridal, which is designed to optimize clicks, and one other setup could be Godzamok/Muridal/another CPS god, after which swap Mokalsium into diamond if you’re completed promoting buildings to Godzamok. It’s also possible to use Vomitrax earlier than a combo to get extra buff overlap.

  • As for what buildings to promote to Godzamok, promote the whole lot as much as time machines (antimatter condensers may be offered too) however not together with: Cursors, Grandmas, and Portals as a result of they make a good chunk of your CPS, and Temples since you want it for the Mokalsium swap and different pantheon buffs.

  • You must go to third stage grandmapocalypse after which pledge for all of those combos, in order that WCs will not screw you over. If you’d like, say, nat F+EF for some motive, begin with pledge, after which covenant->revoke to maximise your possibilities.

  • Krumblor has a number of very highly effective auras, and also you wish to swap them out and in as crucial. Begin with Reaper of Fields for dragon harvest (you’ll be able to slot Epoch Manipulator or Arcane Aura to make stacking buffs a bit simpler), then swap to Dragonflight to get that buff, then swap to Radiant Urge for food and Dragon’s Fortune for CPS (for those who use planner, you may wish to use Breath of Milk/Elder Battalion, as you in all probability will not have ineffective GCs)


  • A fast, primary combo, could be F+CF. Simply await a frenzy, then solid FTHOF for a CF (both scry it out, or pray for the ~25% probability that the FTHOF GC is one). No want for backyard, no want for quadcasting, only a combo, plain and easy. Heck, you’ll be able to even get this naturally. Helpful for propelling you to the following ascension or to simply jumpstart your ascension, however provides low cookies general and can must be phased out in some unspecified time in the future.

  • F+BS+CF is a step up from F+CF, but it surely too will must be improved. Simply await a pure F+BS, after which get a CF.

  • F+(pure) EF+CF is not the perfect combo, as you’re going to get the EF naturally, which makes it uncommon and brief. Nevertheless, for those who can pull it off, you’ll acquire quite a lot of cookies.

  • A 100% constant combo could be F+DH+BS+CF+3GC (Three unused ones for Dragon’s Fortune). Simply scry out a CF (quadcast to get the three unused GCs), after which get F+DH+BS utilizing Golden Clovers. As at all times, be certain to do different issues like promoting to Godzamok, loans, and so forth. Word that you may tack on one other GC by ready for the following pure GC to spawn.

  • A combo that includes Dragonflight could be F+DH+BS+CF+DF+3GC. Get F+DH+BS, then quadcast FTHOF, remembering which GC is CF, wait for an additional pure GC, click on it, hope it is dragonflight, after which click on your CF GC. As with all Dragonflight combos, that is reliant on luck, as you might be depending on naturally spawning GCs, but when it really works then boy will you revenue. If it fails, you continue to will get the earlier combo which remains to be first rate.

  • A combo that includes each elder frenzy and Dragonflight could be F+DH+BS+EF+DF+CF (plus some quantity of unused GCs). On this case, you’ll truly scry out an elder frenzy, get the standard pure GC results, quadcast, wait for an additional pure GC (which is hopefully Dragonflight), after which click on your FTHOF GCs one after the other till you get a click on frenzy. There’s a probability you may not get a click on frenzy or dragonflight in any respect, which is dangerous. The second end result could be Dragonflight/click on frenzy however not the opposite, which remains to be a pleasant combo. Nevertheless, assuming you hit the jackpot, you will get A LOT of cookies. As in unvigintillions of cookies.


  • Many of the combo a part of backyard combos is similar as click on combos, simply subtract the components about clicks. The very best pantheon setup could be CPS oriented, so Mokalsium/Holobore (swap in in spite of everything pure GCs)/another CPS god would work. Shimmering Veil will also be used, and you’ll scry an EF or BS as an alternative of a CF. A bonus of backyard combos is that they’re simpler to execute, as you need not rush promoting buildings, replanting backyard, and so forth., and harvesting vegetation solely takes an prompt, against the precious seconds it’s essential to click on in a click on combo.

  • There are Three candidates for backyard combos: Bakeberries, Queenbeets, and Duketaters. Duketaters may seem like the perfect, nonetheless, they’ve very inconsistent progress charges (50%), and so getting a complete subject of them to be mature directly is close to unimaginable. Nevertheless, for those who savescum, then you will get extra mature Dukes on the sector and so they turn into an choice once more. Assuming you do not savescum, nonetheless, then your choices are Bakeberries or Queenbeets. The right alternative could be Queenbeets, as they provide twice as a lot in comparison with Bakeberries, and their -2% CPS may be mitigated by freezing the backyard.

  • Another choice for getting duketater combos to work is offline ticking. Ticks are primarily based off of the particular time, not in-game time, which signifies that ticks will nonetheless tick down when the sport is closed, and if the sport is closed for greater than the size of a tick then the tick will occur instantly when you boot up the sport once more. That is just like what occurs if you freeze the backyard. On this method, you will get duketaters to mature in lower than a minute of in-game time, which permits for buffs to be stretched sufficient for all duketaters to mature and be harvested inside the combo.


The last word combo could be getting each buff directly. This may be achieved by scumming for caramelized lumps (completely different harvest occasions have an effect on lump kind, so typically you load saves with completely different quantities of grandmas), or utilizing the ChooseYourOwnLump planner by u/staticvariablejames. From right here, you’ll be able to simply solid Stretch Time to increase buffs, after which slowly work your method from there.


If anybody needs to disagree, put it in feedback.

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