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From dumb +‎ -y.



dummy (plural dummies)

  1. (dated) A silent particular person; an individual who doesn’t speak.
    Synonym: dumby
    Coordinate time period: mute
    • 1940, Carson McCullers, The Coronary heart Is a Lonely Hunter:

      The person’s title [] was engraved within the centre, and beneath this, written in ink with the identical elaborate precision because the engraving, there was a short message.
      I’m a deaf-mute, however I learn the lips and perceive what is alleged to me. Please don’t shout.
      [] Singer appeared very rigorously at his lips when he spoke—he had seen that earlier than. However a dummy!

  2. An unintelligent particular person.
    Synonym: dumby
    Coordinate phrases: half-wit, fool

    Do not be such a dummy!

  3. A determine of an individual or animal utilized by a ventriloquist; a puppet.
  4. One thing constructed with the scale and type of a human, for use instead of an individual.
    Synonyms: model, marionette

    To grasp the consequences of the accident, we dropped a dummy from the rooftop.

  5. An individual who’s the mere software of one other; a person of straw.
  6. A intentionally nonfunctional machine or software used instead of a useful one.

    The hammer and drill within the show are dummies.

  7. (Australia, Britain, New Zealand) A “dummy teat”; a plastic or rubber teat used to assuage or consolation a child; a pacifier. [from 20th c.]
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:pacifier

    The newborn needs her dummy.

    • 2006, Tizzie Corridor, Save Our Sleep: A Dad and mom′ Information In direction of Completely happy, Sleeping Infants from Beginning to Two Years, MacMillan 2009, web page 200,
      Then on the fifth day, on the first sleep of the day, take away the dummy and observe my settling information to your child′s age. You must throw all her dummies within the bin to make sure you aren’t tempted to make use of them once more – even outdoors sleep occasions.
    • 2008, Bern, Bern’s Fairy Tales[1], web page 15:

      No Fairy child has ever been seen to suck its thumb or to make use of a dummy.

    • 2011, Simone Cave, Caroline Fertleman, Child to Toddler Month by Month, web page 85,
      We′ve discovered that going chilly turkey works greatest – you verify that your child is not sick or teething, then throw all dummies away. When your child cries for her dummy, you may look her within the eye and say, ‘It′s gone,’ and actually imply it.
  8. (card video games, mainly bridge) A participant whose hand is proven and is to be performed from by one other participant.
  9. (linguistics) A phrase serving solely to make a development grammatical.

    The pronoun “it” in “It is a thriller why this occurred” is a dummy.

  10. (programming) An unused parameter or worth.

    If flag1 is fake, the opposite parameters are dummies.

  11. (sports activities, mainly rugby, soccer) A feigned cross or kick or play so as to deceive an opponent.
  12. (sports activities, Britain) A bodily gesture meant to idiot an opposing participant; a feint.
    Synonym: juke
    • 2011 January 12, Saj Chowdhury, “Liverpool 2 – 1 Liverpool”, in BBC[2]:

      Raul Meireles was the sufferer of the house facet’s hustling on this event giving the ball away to the spectacular David Vaughan who slipped in Taylor-Fletcher. The striker offered Daniel Agger with the perfect dummy of the evening earlier than inserting his shot previous keeper Pepe Reina.

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  • (silent particular person): dumb
  • (unintelligent particular person): dumb


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dummy (third-person singular easy current dummies, current participle dummying, easy previous and previous participle dummied)

  1. To make a mock-up or prototype model of one thing, with out some or all off its supposed performance.
    The carpenters dummied some props for the rehearsals.
  2. (sports activities) To feint.
    Synonym: juke
    • 2011 February 1, Mandeep Sanghera, “Man Utd 3 – 1 Aston Villa”, in BBC[3]:

      The extra glamorous qualities normally related to him are talent and tempo and he used these to race on to a ball throughout him and dummy a defender earlier than having a right-foot shot saved.

    • 2011 January 15, Kevin Darling, “West Ham 0 – Three Arsenal”, in BBC[4]:

      For the primary, the 30-year-old allowed Walcott area on the correct to ship in a cross that was expertly dummied by Samir Nasri, permitting Van Persie to swivel and smash right-footed previous Robert Inexperienced.


dummy (comparative extra dummy, superlative most dummy)

  1. (slang) Extraordinarily.
    It is dummy sizzling outdoors.

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