Dragon Ball Legends Participant READS 1 STAR REVIEWS On The Sport.

NEW Dragon Ball Legends particular video. At this time we take a small break speaking concerning the upcoming LF Gogeta Blue and dive into the App Retailer/Play Retailer and …

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41 Thoughts to “Dragon Ball Legends Participant READS 1 STAR REVIEWS On The Sport.”

  1. TheSecuritygaurd

    7:18 No No No, he had a good point right there

  2. ItsDrp542

    The logic of these people is terrible

  3. XRB_0222

    Dokkan Is fricking garbage

  4. YoWasPZ

    Legends is better dokkan is boring as hell

  5. Tracey Robinson

    Same they be all mad saying I hate this game on I got hi goog best game ever

  6. Tracey Robinson

    They hate cause they bad and they not lucky

  7. AySparkZ

    i got scammed, i pulled LF namek goku and now i don’t have him =/

  8. Christian Ilario3

    6:53 Relatable man. The story ai always hits you with the longest most agonizing combos after vanished all my special moves.

  9. Echo

    Can confirm, i quit the game cuz its dogshit

  10. Hunter Marzz

    Lol dbl is not pay to win i have the best characters in the game and never spent a cent i grinded my cc’s.also you need to play your cards right in events just like i did with level 50 sab vegeta god damm that was hard

  11. LunarR

    You know the bots are really easy to cheese. If you hit them with a card a wait a second longer so that they recover they will ALWAYS try to counter with a card or taps but its too late because you'll hit them with another card. Easy long drop combos

  12. TeXi _

    Legends Gameplay: Repetitive, but actual action.
    Dokkan Gameplay: Repetitive…

    B u b b l e s

  13. Malyxx Plays

    Dokkan is better but you have to wonder what the people who write the reviews are like irl

  14. bigchungus Online

    Im pretty sure you didn't understand Mark Sosa's question, he said the events were hard and not that it was grindy.

  15. gabriel bro

    tbh id say characters are far more balanced on legends compared to dokkan, making it far less p2w, for example if u grind a full legends road team out and zenkai them, you have one fuckin powerful team, and dont need to even summon for it. and most characters have pretty similar stats, just different abilities

  16. Kostas Kakouris

    Me : watches kids complaining about not getting ui in 5k cc

    Also me : getting him for the first time at 26k

  17. VortexDestroyer99

    People hate the game because they don’t want to put effort into it

  18. max wen

    0:42 this man speaking facts

  19. Danesh Ahmad

    why Dokkan Battle always the same old never new tasks and Dokkan Balttle has no PVP and Dokkan Battle throws away for money because of LR for example Veitgo Lr didn't get a Chananc ?!

    I said DB Legends Better Than Dokkan Battle Boring!

    I mean, Db Lengends got Big Chanacn LF.
    I have a lot of fun and a lot of new tasks

  20. WANO

    JOSE PERFIL i feel u dawg i got ultra instinct shafted too kiddo

  21. Thatoneguy Wholoves dbz

    I just heard 5 year olds review of dbl.

  22. Sensei Rice

    I like the game but the pvp system is actually shit…

  23. that one guy

    I have the ui. Never thought I'd have him not in a million years let alone have him 4* as a f2p. I love the game but I dislike the pvp. I dont yet understand how to bum rush my opponents so pvp most of the time is a lose lose situation but I really enjoy the co-OP. My experience after 3 years is that after enough time if you coast thru the game you'll eventually get 1 of each guy. I'm only missing 20 SP guys and maybe 5 ex

  24. Camilo Chavez

    Bro where the new gogeta blue and broly lf reaction vid my guy

  25. ghous burt


  26. Kakyoin Noriaki

    Hey yaro chad
    The new lf released
    Go check them out!

  27. oknow

    What do you use to edit and how can you add images to the bars on the side

  28. Jeff Smith


  29. Top Jam

    The only think I agree is the bots spamming some long combo

  30. Therealshacks Plays

    lol watching makes me laugh at people who say its pay to win bc im f2p and i got every lf except ui from pure grind lol

    btw i spent over 8000 saved chronos on ui and didnt get him ;(

  31. sawntiii

    Some 5 star reviews next?

  32. juan lopez

    Yaro gay you gotta grind 200 stones for the new years banner on dokkan

  33. Ben Bouhis

    But I understand death ninja sometimes the broken op characters rlly piss me off

  34. Dustin schwatke

    lol he ran out of ideas

  35. champz_tacoX X

    Honestly you just got to put the time and effort and I'm f2p the unit I run on a saiyan team for pvp are zenkai 7 god goku blue zenkai 4 ssj3 goku and zenkai 7 kid goku support goku ssjb yellow transforming goku and bardock movies phy and that team runs perfectly fine.

  36. Angel Sanchez

    I lost my data in DBL and I had LF Goku UI 🙁

  37. L1GHT

    0:54 mans sounds like messurself

  38. Slushy

    There not lying this is the biggest p2w game i ever played

  39. Nadir Kalafate

    Legends does suck though.

    Legends devs:

    Want stamina to attempt events or some of the more valuable items in the game?

    Sit through a facet of the game that is literally just waiting! Adventures are an awesome way for us to tell the player, "Rewards will not come from content, we're too lazy to make that!" And we can just give you a "Legends fecestival adventure job" for 24 hours so you can wait to receive what could have been given in a login bonus!

    Want to get your favorite characters in Dragon Ball?

    Tough crap! Guaranteed sparking units on every banner? We aren't Dokkan! We've proven we're much more money hungry! Oh, but don't worry; you also have to pull units a lot more on here than on Dokkan to max them out, just in case you needed more incentive to spend your hard earned money! All of this with lowered SP rates than Dokkan, even though they have much more reason to lower their rates! Have we proven to you that Toshi was the worst thing to happen to Dokkan yet?

    Want some intense gameplay?

    You're in luck! We've engineered the best Dragon Ball fighting game experience on the market! DIMPS is extremely proficient at producing fighting games, I mean, just look at Xenoverse! To be as accurate to the anime as possible, we made it so that fights are essentially what we like to call "waiting battles"! What are these waiting battles you may ask? They're only the most intense fights known to man! You and your opponent slide across a JPEG of a background waiting for the opponent to throw out an arts card! If they vanish, you're dead! You just got perfect vanished! If you vanish their card, you're dead! You didn't perfect vanish, OR if you're "patient" (whatever that means) your reaction time mixed with the opponent's horrendous internet connection will prevent you from vanishing their attack, or you'll get caught mid-animation which is an amazing design feature that provides great intricacy to the core gameplay! You totally caught your opponent there dude, FighterZ schmiterZ!

    Want balance within the game?

    WE GOT YOU! We release new, game-breaking units every month to shift the meta for the worse! What the heck is a power-creep? Who cares, WE HAVE UI OMEN GOKU! WE HAVE BLUE VEGITO! Don't worry though, some teams counter these guys hard, if you spent enough money on this banner with a random obscure character that has a specific ability to deal with Vegito, you might be able to beat them in PvP up until rank 40! And don't worry, we taught ourselves what a power-creep was from Dokkan and give you; the best thing to ever be added into any Dragon Ball game yet: Zenkais! Unlike Dokkan, you don't get currency from awakening your unit, YOU HAVE TO SPEND CURRENCY TO AWAKEN YOUR UNIT! We didn't think the message was clear enough when we said, "we want your money" so we added a functionality that turns old, useless units in your box into absolute game-breaking powerhouses! You only have to spend thousands upon thousands of CC on rng to awaken them!

    We aren't totally selfish though. We introduced "multi z-powers" into the game that essentially artificially raise a character's dupe level. This way, f2p players can raise their favorite characters' z-power to new levels without having to spend money. EXCEPT WE HARDLY GIVE ANY Z-POWER! THE MAXIMUM WE'LL GIVE A PLAYER FOR FREE IS 100 FOR A SPARKING THAT PROBABLY WOULDNT EVEN BENEFIT FROM GETTING 100 Z-POWER ANYWAYS! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO RAISE THE Z-POWER OF A LEGENDS LIMITED FOR FREE WHEN YOU CAN DROP 4000CC ON THIS OBVIOUS BAIT BANNER TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THE NEW, ULTRA FULL POWER SUPER SAIYAN BLUE ULTRA INSTINCT GOGETA THAT'LL DESTROY THE GAME FOREVER UNTIL NEXT MONTH?

    Seriously, stop supporting this game. It's bad. You're delusional.

  40. Statistic101

    "Dokkan is better" he is not wrong lmao

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