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Digimon Battle, initially launched in South Korea as Digimon RPG (Korean:디지몬 RPG), is a free to play micro-transaction supported massively multiplayer on-line role-playing sport in a setting primarily based on that of the Digimon media franchise, particularly the Digimon Tamers anime. The sport was first launched in South Korea, however an English model was launched on April 14, 2010 by WeMade Leisure titled Digimon Battle, which ran for three years. The South Korean model nonetheless runs to today.

Sport Fundamentals[edit]

Gamers management an avatar of one of many 4 essential characters of Digimon Tamers: Takato Matsuki, Rika Nonaka, Henry Wong, and Jeri Katou. The gamers usually are not supposed to be representing the precise characters, and thus are allowed to decide on their very own title and modify their look to some extent. Gamers then select a “starter Digimon.” The starter Digimon chosen is likely one of the three utilized by Takato, Rika, and Henry in Tamers: Gigimon, Gummymon, or Viximon. As well as, totally different starter Digimon are generally provided throughout particular occasions. Thus far, occasions have provided DemiVeemon, Hopmon, Yaamon, Dorimon, and a Digimon Savers-themed Koromon. Regardless, the participant chooses a starter Digimon, which they use in battle to acquire stronger Digimon and attain NPC-given missions. Over the course of the sport, starter and captured Digimon will digivolve into stronger types with extra highly effective assaults.

Capturing Digimon[edit]

Inside a large, brightly lit convention center room with white walls is positioned a promotional display booth for a video game. A saleswoman clad in a blue shirt and skirt and a red bowtie motions towards several illustrations on the booth, explaining their implications. The illustrations are anime-styled and depict several outlandish and brightly colored creatures. Three men in dark jackets watch the demonstration.

A presentation at a Digimon RPG sales space in South Korea.

Most Digimon start at In-Coaching and usually are in a position to digivolve to both Final or Mega Stage. Solely In-Coaching Digimon will be captured.
Throughout battle, the participant has three tries to seize a Digimon, by way of the “seize” choice within the in-game interface.



Battling is completed in a flip primarily based type. The participant doesn’t straight combat in battle. As an alternative, a Digimon chosen by the participant as his or her “essential” Digimon fights of their stead. Every Digimon has a time bar that goes up over the course of the battle. When the time bar fills, the Tamer might take motion with that Digimon, comparable to attacking, fleeing, or utilizing gadgets to get well well being.

In battle, the participant is just straight in a position to make use of card gadgets to quickly alter their Digimon’s stats, induce digivolution, or swap in different Digimon they personal. A tamer can solely use three playing cards at a time, and are restricted to a sure variety of card makes use of per battle. Playing cards are purchased in-game or traded with different gamers.

English model[edit]

In early 2010, WeMade Leisure signed a contract with Digitalic permitting them to launch Digimon RPG together with its currently-in-development sequel, Digimon Masters. Initially Digitalic had signed a contract with CDC Video games, nevertheless the contract was cancelled.[2]

Digimon Battle is the English model of the Korean Digimon RPG, which was initially scheduled to be launched someday in 2009 by CDC Video games. An open beta was launched, with Korean MMO developer and repair supplier “WeMade Leisure” dealing with its operation, and the sport was formally launched April 14, 2010.[3]

On March 27, 2013, WeMade introduced Digimon Battle can be closed on 25 April 2013.[4]


Kevin Search engine marketing, CEO of WeMade, appeared to feedback from followers for inspiration when creating the English adaptation. From Might 19 to June 2, gamers might degree up their characters as rapidly as doable and practice 5 of their Digimon to the Mega stage, each with a view to win prizes. Additionally, a “Thriller Field” containing randomly generated gadgets was set throughout this time to look extra steadily than regular within the “Sky Dungeon” space.[5]


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