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18 Thoughts to “Did TanqR Really CHEAT in ROBLOX RB BATTLES??? (The Reality)”

  1. thang no

    I know why he had to do it 2 times

  2. Epic E

    Sona, stop clickbaiting me 🙁

  3. TheTwo Silly Potatoes

    Sona: ok theres four just ignore the thumnail i put on the screen that DOESNT show denis at all

  4. Trans World Jackson {Ethan}

    TanqR didn't cheated he just trained and trained untill he became a god of headshots, those people who accused him cheating are probably toxic adopt me players

  5. ZXtron Boi

    They just don't know that tanqr is a pro at arsenal and was just good :/

  6. uhhh

    was rooting for nobody

  7. Furious XPlorer

    Not pronounced as "Tank-ar," it's actually "Tenk-er."

    Ugh… a bad name for a cheater. -_-

  8. Emily Rose

    I got the blue sword in Build a boat

  9. Quentin Heck

    if you want your favorite youtuber to win, here is a tip
    know if they are good under pressure.
    in the mccs (minecraft championship series) grian almost won, but everyone starting routing for him, therefore putting him under pressure and causing him to lose.

    i would put more but that's all i know.

  10. unicorn rainbow

    Tangnr dint cheat he is just good

  11. blue slayr

    Could you play instead of being koneko kitten i really want to see you be an epic gamer

  12. Ikhwanzz1

    I've tried to explain to my friend who was watching rb battles why he wasn't cheating
    But uh somehow she just doesn't feel like accepting defeat also I voted for tanq daddy but I didn't get chains or any of the event items not asking for help but just saying roblox wth

  13. Warfish Warfish

    He cheated.Kreek is epic

  14. TrashTruckPlayz Games

    By the way, It is pronounced Tanker, but also great video and thanks for explaining it

  15. •Ichigo san•

    Man, And I thought I was good at drawing.. Welp-

  16. Silent the awkward

    Dont be shy, tell me what app you use

  17. The Adventures Of Kylie

    Wow now he is hated and so much hate spreads

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