Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 2 NFL Recreation Preview

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45 Thoughts to “Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 2 NFL Recreation Preview”

  1. anonymous white circle

    Well, I guess the Steelers still won

  2. Poops & Shitz!

    Pat Shurmur needs to be fired as an offensive coordinator ASAP!!! Here's why! you had 2 chances to get 2 yards and you decided to throw it against the Steelers defense! how smart is that?
    Fire Pat Shurmur!!!

  3. Gloria Pressley

    How can I watch full game Pittsburgh and Denver

  4. Mario Valenzuela

    Vic is schurmer Giants 2.0

  5. Kathy Samano

    Couldn't find my Raiders shirt so I'm wearing my steelers shirt

  6. 1genius1

    I think the Steelers will win 21-18.

  7. Patrick Paris

    Steelers win 24 to 14

  8. tony miess

    im looking forward to this denver game if the Steelers do it again to them like they did to NY Giants then ill be more comfortable saying Pittsburgh might be in it this time

  9. Terrence Foley Jr.

    Here we go STEELERS here we go!

  10. Anna Cobbs

    I am seeing my Steelers winning this by 12. Go Steelers!!!!

  11. thomas kelly

    Come on steelers

  12. Michael Wightman

    Pitt by 7!

  13. Melissa Hernandez


  14. Melissa Hernandez

    Last week I thought they were gonna lose but we made a comeb

  15. j way

    Steelers win.

  16. Ninja Samurai

    Big Ben and JuJu are deadly.

  17. Our FamBam

    Let’s go Broncos

  18. Abukabar Muncongabo

    72-6 Pittsburgh

  19. gregory netus

    Easy win for the Steelers word up son

  20. John Ford

    I have my Steelers toaster, my food from Pittsburgh, good investment, don't let me down. Defense needs to play ugly, like in the 70s

  21. Ronald Clemons

    Steelers 23 broncos 21

  22. Cordell Aldrich

    The steel nation is taking this dub this week

  23. Snivy1506

    Anyone else see big ben hit 400 career touchdowns this season

  24. Wade Oneyear

    24-27 Broncos

  25. Words of Wizdom

    This game is a toss up to me. I hope the steelers win but I have a bad feeling that ben is gonna look bad. And our oline is beat up

  26. Chuck The Scorpio

    Steeles Win 17-10

  27. Fralsii

    Steelers ?
    Broncos 0

  28. P.P. Poo Panda

    Pit 33-3

  29. Vinny Cina

    You broncos fans are so doubtful of your team. I think the broncos will win 31-20

  30. BrandonBlatchford


  31. Scarletbull

    Anyone can look like world beaters vs a doormat franchise i.e., Giants. Big Ben will struggle vs a legit pro team.

  32. WolfBoyJohn

    31-13 steelers

  33. XC

    As a chiefs fan I hope the broncos win big time, as a mizzou fan I hope the broncos win, I’m not a broncos fan at all though.

  34. Magic

    If we run out of appendages, they will have to start making Super Bowl toe rings. #SteelerNation rules.

  35. Justin Mennecke

    Let’s go Steelers

  36. Terrence L

    I got the steelers winning and covering -7. Can’t stop the run and turn Denver into a passing offense. If they keep Denver in 3rd and long and blitz on 3rd down Steelers win. Denver receives aren’t that good. 28-10

  37. Matt Deloff

    Love my Steelers, happy that they are in good spirits. The Broncos are gonna get crushed tomorrow at Heinz Field.

  38. Kevin Moran

    broncos 27 steelers 13

  39. Kevin Moran

    broncos could pull the upset

  40. Kevin Moran

    broncos plus 7

  41. James Carter

    Pitt 28 den 14

  42. devin houser

    Steelers win in this one they have lost a lot of games to Denver over the years but I believe the Steelers are ready for redemption

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