Daniel Negreanu analyses the fingers he has been polling on on Twitter : poker

Daniel Negreanu analyses the hands he has been polling on on Twitter : poker

Everybody folds to the small blind and he raises. You defend your huge blind heads up with 6-7. Sure, you need to be defending with this hand and rather a lot worse in these conditions in opposition to the small blind. Place is POWER, do not let the small blind run you over. You’re in a terrific spot with place and likewise the flexibility to signify a very wide selection of fingers.

The flop comes T-8-5 he bets, and also you name with an open ended straight draw. It is not the most effective draw as a 9 may very well be hassle for you in case your opponent has QJ, but it surely nonetheless provides you greater than sufficient of a hand to proceed to the flip. You must also assume that catching a 6 or 7 on the flip will provide you with the most effective hand usually sufficient to benefit a name.

The flip card is a Jack and your opponent checks. You:

Wager: 62% Verify 38%

I do know, I do know, you need extra information. Powerful cookie, that is all you get. After all, this case is participant dependent and your historical past with this participant can be an element, however as I stated earlier, assume you’ve gotten zero info and have by no means performed a hand in opposition to this opponent.

The perfect play is to BET. Frankly, this could be true in most conditions that went:

SB elevate, BB name SB guess flop, BB name SB examine flip, BB BET!

Not at all times, clearly, this could go with out saying by now. On this explicit case the worth of your straight draw is considerably diminished. When you catch the 9 the board will likely be 5-8-T-J-9 so any outdated Queen or 7 makes a straight. The four would nonetheless be good, however the hopes of an enormous pay day are gone as soon as the Jack hits the flip. You’re sitting there in place with no pair, however your opponent would not know that! Let’s take a look at the choice out of your opponents perspective. What does he do with any of those fingers: A5 AK 44 K6 A6

Each a kind of fingers beats you, however if you happen to guess the flip when the juicy Jack hits, what the heck can he actually beat? Just about the one hand he can beat is the one you occur to have! Hopefully your opponent folds proper right here, but when would not, there are nonetheless some playing cards that might come off to assist win you the pot.

What do you guys consider Daniel’s tackle this case?

I am, after all, just a few random man on the web, however my tackle this case was to examine behind and quit on the river if raised. I do not suppose I can get sufficient to fold on the flip as a result of the JT85 hits virtually all the pieces villain’s vary.

Any over playing cards like AK or KQ has over card attracts and straight attracts which can be sufficient for them to name the flip guess. Something like AT KJ simply acquired there. Something decrease than broadway hit a pair or is draw to one thing higher than you. And each pocket pair 88 or higher is looking (though that is in all probability not in villain’s vary since he checked). We’re folding out 77, 66, 44, 33, 22, and perhaps some fully random Ax fingers like A6. Even a hand like K6 may stick round relying on the participant.

I actually do not like this spot as a result of if we bluff, we’ve to decide to bluffing the river to do away with all of the missed attracts. And it actually sucks when all of the missed attracts beats your hand. And if we bluff on the river, we’ve to consider what we’re repping. Just about solely two pairs or higher is betting right here so is the villain going to consider that? And bluffing flip would not fold out sufficient fingers to make me really feel comfy. And if we do hit our hand, there’s enormous destructive implied odds.

Excited about your ideas.

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