CYBERPUNK 2077 Walkthrough Gameplay Half 32 – STARGAZING (FULL GAME)

Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough Gameplay Half 32 features a Overview and Story Marketing campaign Mission 32 Captured on PC with RTX and DLSS Enabled! Cyberpunk …

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30 Thoughts to “CYBERPUNK 2077 Walkthrough Gameplay Half 32 – STARGAZING (FULL GAME)”

  1. theRadBrad

    Appreciate the love on this series! I missed yesterday but should be back to daily uploads till the end now

  2. Joseph Han

    LOL BRAD SOUNDED SO HAPPY WHEN PANAM CALLED(also I literally just realized..the plates they use at 8:30, that’s an actual plate._.i have one that looks exactly like that at my house lol.)

  3. rediornot

    I have a Coolermaster masterkeys pro S it it 10 keyless/no numbers on the right. Take up less space on the desk.

  4. Vincent Woods

    You're the best!

  5. Vincent Woods

    Let's get this!

  6. Vincent Woods

    How convenient lol

  7. TyJamar

    V makes progress how convenient.

  8. Wyatt Enge

    Brad tryna So it with panam

  9. Nathaniel Williriano Ferrando

    he got some "Hokage Moves" HAHAHAHHAHA

  10. Vean Studio

    V: "I'm on a mission to save my own life and to reveal a dark secret of the corpo world, my partner in crime is currently in urgent need of my help"

    Panam: "Yo, got a sec?"

    V: "U-TURN BABY!!!"

  11. Muzakir Mohsin

    Yo Brad is simping man

  12. Christopher Pevear

    Dat wiggle though.

  13. James Crawley

    What I like the most is the relationship between "V" and the girl.

  14. Kalyn Jordan

    bought the game played a little didn't finish past jackies death, but I gave it to my homie cuz he aint finna pay shit for it. it was his Christmas gift but a tad bit used.


    Should of done the drink to scorpion to

  16. S/M

    do you play inverted on M & K?

  17. Louie

    That guitar player with the music disabled was awkward as hell.

  18. Cando Pax

    I wanna Panam take those pants off….

  19. Xshadowhunter_26

    Unfortunately Judy can only be romanticized with if you're a female V. For the male its only Panam.

  20. Muhammad Thoriqo Haqqi

    It's so satisfying when you use km instead of mile

  21. Alphonse Bongbong

    “I would rather keep you close. If only as a friend.”


  22. Shayden Naidoo

    Panam got the curvature and Brad understood that we require a point of view

  23. NordicSkol

    What kind of keyboard did you get?

  24. Ghoust

    brad with the big homie comeback XD

  25. David H

    I like how all missions are song names.

  26. ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ

    love the Cyberpunk series, but what about Godfall? realy enjoyed part 1, u gonna continue that, RadDad?

  27. Tanvir Ahmed

    i love this channel
    bein watchin it almost 10 years

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