CLIPPERS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 22, 2020 Paul George (33 PTS, 6 REB, three AST) and the LA Clippers cruised to a 116-109 win …

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40 Thoughts to “CLIPPERS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 22, 2020”

  1. James bear

    King James bring them to the promise land.

  2. thatsss manndoo

    Where are the "L"aker fans @ that was BIG TALKIN

  3. James bear

    Lakers on top 2021

  4. Isaiah Watson

    Those Lakers almost beat the Clippers.

  5. Deerick Johnson

    Paul George got braids now.

  6. XD Brothers

    Lakers looking bad

  7. Alwyn Thomas

    If the clippers do not make the conference finals this year, just give up on the team no matter how good they get.

  8. LA Ballers

    Clippers nation baby!!!!

  9. Michael Wong

    and y'all still find a way to clown the clippers even tho they beat ur ass. like come on, not saying they're taking the title this year just show some respect for once

  10. Nimbus

    Paul George’s passive is playoff P

  11. Brennon Woods

    Made 500 bucks today, thank you Nets and Clippers!

  12. Pot Head Media

    KD looks like hes still mad at Steph for beating his OKC 3 – 1

  13. Daniel Glass

    Alot of people are saying "So Clippers won that don't mean nothing they still a joke" but when the lakers beat them they were saying "They beat the weak Clippers without Bron and AD" they want to have it both ways far as talking down on the Clippers but the Clippers are locked in but Brooklyn Nets smh maaaaaaaaan they are going to be beating a** this season that is definitely the team to watch

  14. Buck Allen

    Paul George: “I took myself personally”

  15. JC Muñoz

    Damn i miss those Dwight and Javale lob passes, alley oops, block shots and impact during the last season. Why did they choose a guy who's slow and cannot even jump, what where they thinking??

  16. Quinton Davis

    PG doesn’t have any hang time on his braids lol.

  17. T Bone

    Should of kept Howard

  18. Bill Russell-tron420m8

    I never realized how many touches get wasted on harrell just for it to mean nothing in the end. Get ready for alot of games like that Lfans.

  19. Custom Wall Shelves

    Serge Ibaka the foundational player that will take the Clippers to the finals. So solid. Kawhi and Serge have a bunch of prodigees back in Toronto. OG and Siakam on nice, long-term deals now. Go Raps go.

  20. Omid Torabi

    Maybe Doc Rivers really WAS the problem for PG

  21. pururut

    Clippers was the REAL Top Team last season and the Lakers was the nba(rigged) favorite team, bound to win the Chips. from a Kobe-era Laker fan. LOL

  22. Mxrcy Jo

    Why could they not play like this in game seven against the nuggets

  23. LifeTimeKie

    Everyone talking bout how the clippers beat the lakers…I’m just waiting for the playoffs so the Mavericks can whoop on the Clippers Porzingkis is going to be back and healthy…..Mavericks gonna give the clippers trouble in the playoffs…mark my words

  24. bruh it's me

    Did you guys saw PG13 great pass to the referee!

  25. Kevin Crateman

    Never Vaccinate

  26. The Wrestling Nerd 18

    That fade away by Kawhi at the end was Kobe like

  27. Pot Head Media

    Is Playoff P worse then "Playoff Mode Activated" lmao

  28. Wifis Funeral

    To bad this is regular season PG, we expected nothing less for u to ball out.

  29. Wally Thompson

    Season started already , damn !

  30. Roy Williams

    If Paul George plays like that three out of every five games the Clippers are easily going to win the championship

  31. Lj Ednoc

    Everytime the clippers always wins a damn opening night when they face the lakers

  32. Caleb Crawford

    Clippers named opening day champions

  33. Kaio Ken

    It's only one game, but I liked what saw from the Clippers. Their defense still needs some tweaking, but the new offense looks promising. Heard that Ty Lue said he was implementing the triangle offense(Makes sense since he played for the Lakers during the Shaq and Kobe era), and it showed with alot of the sets they ran. Almost brought a tear to my eye to see real basketball being played and not JUST 5 guys standing around the perimeter running pick n roll followed by a kickout for a three every possession for the entire game. Hopefully with the new system, the Clippers actually get the job done this year.

  34. Jao Tamayo

    Dennis 'smoother

  35. gor9027

    On paper the Clippers are the biggest threat to the Lakers but until they prove they can get it done in the second round the Lakers are rightfully the title favorite.

  36. Zari_ {Drip}

    How they let the Lakers catch up.its just the beginning for the lakers.

  37. Sonicfire754

    The clippers lose to a shorthanded lakers twice in the preseason now are back able to beat the Lakers full roster. Wow.

  38. Davon Thomas

    Please keep it up PG!!!

  39. Brace Brooks

    Good to see another competitive match-up between these 2 teams. If everyone's healthy by the playoffs then hopefully this time we'll see a 7 game series between them to see who's the better team in L.A now that both rosters have partially changed.

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