Chloe x Halle carry out Nationwide Anthem forward of 2020 NFL Kickoff Recreation

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35 Thoughts to “Chloe x Halle carry out Nationwide Anthem forward of 2020 NFL Kickoff Recreation”

  1. Garland Owls11

    Black Americans sing the national anthem better than white Americans yet they are faced with so much racism and injustice.

  2. david frankel

    nothing but terrorist racist bigots nfl should be d funded

  3. Alanna _Army

    Queens ❤️❤️

  4. Jasmin Petty

    @2:08 wow! Little mermaid Walt Disney vibes

  5. Preacher Gerald White

    NFL sucks now. Kneeling like a bunch of schoolgirls.

  6. Mike Spinella

    SAY HIS NAME!!!!!
    Not watching this politicized divisive rhetoric.
    Gave my season tickets away.

  7. Itz Superhumandude2

    tbh i dont support lgbtq

  8. Ed killnightlinger

    I see a lot of empty seats out there.

  9. Big Sam The Evangelist

    why wear shirts with George Fentyl Floyd

  10. thumper matter

    What shirts to be wearing while singing the national anthem.

  11. OckeanO !

    Why is no one talking about this? Gosh Best ever!

  12. Damante Thibodeaux

    These women are phenomenal

  13. gordon020958

    Instead of the NFL let's start referring to it as the NDAFL. The NATIONAL DISRESPECT AMERICA FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

  14. Victors Casas

    Song was good but the singers are just two racist trash

  15. Kyle Patterson

    This was a hologram!

  16. -Em-

    Who else made it here early

  17. you cloud chasing cornball

    and why ain't they sing in the stadium? there are people in it duuuhhh

  18. you cloud chasing cornball

    so public allowed only in certain stadium?

  19. T D

    Ladies did a very nice job.

  20. Edly Li

    Disgrace to America. Lefty america now represent crimal

  21. Monique Dampies

    chloe and halle are amazing and super talented.
    Arrest the Police that killed Breonna Taylor.

  22. maxo

    Black Looting Matter$!!!

  23. Jimmy Durex

    Why not wear a t-shirt of Tony Timpa or Justine Damond or Cannon Hinnant? Yeah, we know why. Wrong color.

  24. ThEReAlGoAt 3294

    U should be able to put ur hand on ur heart and be respectful to ur country

  25. ThEReAlGoAt 3294

    This is so dumb and

  26. Tessa Peters

    They showed so little of the ladies… why? Afraid someone might clearly read their shirts??

  27. t1tacal

    Very feminine and beautiful rendition. The football players look jealous holding hands and kneeling like they are getting ready to give BJ's to the team.

  28. Player One

    GUYS! Can we just focus how beautiful this national anthem is? So stop arguing in the comments and just focus on this!

  29. Player One

    Beautiful National Anthem! Give them a award for this!

  30. LGP

    Wow segregation is back apparently

  31. Joshua Bryant

    I'm going to have to get the sheet music for this one

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