Chess Recreation Evaluation #11 – 1887 vs 1903

I picked a chess recreation from my buddies checklist to evaluate. I share my ideas on the sport which was between a participant with a ranking of 1887 and the opposite with a …

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41 Thoughts to “Chess Recreation Evaluation #11 – 1887 vs 1903”

  1. Akash Chauhan

    Really love the explanation…….liked subscribed….

  2. Jean-Marc Gregoire

    You are the best 🙂

  3. james deroc

    this makes me want to play 960 chess exclusively

  4. Jason Gill

    I'm still kind of a beginner, so I'm wondering if someone could tell me why when the pawn on E4 was attacked, moving the queen knight to D2 to protect the pawn and also have coordination with the knight on F3 wasn't discussed. I feel like there must have been some obvious reason why that I'm overlooking. Is it simply because it would block two pieces from developing? Or does it go deeper than that?

  5. Intrinia

    I'm not that much into chess, but I just love your videos.

  6. Phoenix

    For some reason when I read the title I thought you were comparing two game reviews, one being from 1887, and the other being from 1903.

  7. Roger Scott Cathey

    voice activated mics should be banned . . . hy? ..ecause ..hey ..uck.

  8. Michael Morris

    Please find a way to be rid of that "L" shape diagram of the knight's move. It's highly destructive to beginners because it forces their minds to break the knight's move into two steps when it's really just one step. The knight moves along the lines bisecting the angles formed by the ordinal and diagonal lines of movement used by the queen. Further they move to the first available square on these lines (where the line intersects the centerpoint of a square).

  9. Evan Reiser

    It's noteworthy that black opts to improve the activity of his pieces instead of being seduced by the en-prise a-pawn on move 16. As I write this, I realize that the pawn is actually immune from capture due to 17. Ra1 pinning and winning the bish.

  10. John Park

    You might want to change the thumbnail for this though. At first, I thought this was going to be about games from the year 1887 and 1903.

  11. John Park

    Great analysis. Very understandable. Thanks!

  12. Lee Chess

    Every single move by black was really strong it smells a little bit stockfishy i mean white played really bad but that f5 i would probably play in like 1 out of 20 games. Really weird move at least from my understanding of chess. I'm not saying black cheated or anything but a bit suspicious play.

  13. Hollow

    "And your Deflecting the King from the Queen, and there goes the Queen and the Game" Idk why i find this so funny, the way he says it lmao

  14. Eyal Michael Cohen

    Thanks Jerry for yet another great walkthrough!

    You didn't say anything about white doubling on the D file at 22:17.
    Is it such an obvious move? It seems to me that the bishop is not really pinned since the rook on D1 is protected by the queen. What am I missing that makes it a good move? Is it better than, say, Ne2?

  15. moutaz sh

    How many years I need in order to be grand master

  16. wayne miller

    thanks Jerry

  17. Ronaldinhovi

    Engine vs 1887 rated player…Ludmila cheater

  18. Jay Moses

    Thanks again Jerry. It amazes me how well you see the game. I love the explanation of the Smith Morra* Gambit and look forward to learning more.

  19. Wide Variety Music

    very nice review 🙂

  20. valentijnraw

    Thanks! as white I would always just blindly go for the dark square bishop exchange! now i know i dont always have to do that! lesson learned!

  21. Phen-the Moogle

    What's a hole mean? Does it mean that no pieces will be able to go there because the pawns occupy the space or…?

  22. MrCdm75

    Thanks Jerry for once again demonstrating the importance in certain positions of move order. White played a shocker!

  23. allmhuran

    For some reason I feel like I learned even more from this game than usual. Something about how the tactical options related to the strategic position was more obvious this time.

  24. brutusmaximumus

    So awesome how you explain the "why" part, really helps tremendously thanks!!!

  25. Benjamin Wilde

    By your experience with both sites so far (lichess and, how much do the ratings differ? I'm ~1800 on lichess, but I lose usually to 1500+ players on It's true that I go on very rarely, and I've read that the difference in the UI affects the performance, but still.

  26. renaldy susanto

    You should definitely do this more often! I mean, when was the last time you did this xD

  27. Sam Smith

    These are my favourite type of videos, and find to be the most informative way to improve my game ! Helps me understand where I am weak and how to notice and capitalise against my opponents weaknesses. Grandmaster games are good in an aesthetic kind of way, and good to sort of get into the mind of a top player,but they are much harder to learn from since they are always playing accurate moves.

  28. Riffs4U

    Loved the detailed commentary Jerry. Cheers mate

  29. extrakuhar

    I love these. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  30. Blah

    Hey ChessNetwork, was just wondering if you planned on going to the world open next week in Philadelphia?

  31. mrcain

    thanks Jerry. I learned something.

  32. First

    Can you do this for a 1200-1400 game to talk us noobs through what we're doing wrong?

  33. 76HabeasCorpus

    Did anyone see Magus's post game interview with Maurice Ashley today? If not go watch it, It's great.

  34. Sai Korrapati

    Hey Jerry!!

  35. Aimé Duquet

    that m8 tho

  36. Christian Davis

    Very instructive, as always, thanks Jerry

  37. Florentin Goyens

    Awesome explanations Jerry !

  38. Narrowc ross

    Jerry I'am over 1850 on I can send you a great game on my part, don't know how though.

  39. Zamppa86

    It's really hard to believe the white player actually would be around 1900 rated because there are so many amateurish mistakes in such a short game. Sure everyone can and will have a bad day and a bad game but still. Playing Sicilian and making wrong moves since move 3 isn't something a 1900 rated one would do.

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