CHEAT Twist Braid!! By SweetHearts Hair

Thanks for watching guys!! Please remark beneath if in case you have any kinds you want me to do For those who loved watching my tutorial please like, remark and …

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33 Thoughts to “CHEAT Twist Braid!! By SweetHearts Hair”

  1. Teresa Stoakes

    just watched this one again…. (for about the 10 time) and was inspired… just did it !!! but from the nap of the neck coming up to a bun at the top of my head…. woohoo…

  2. Lydia Laticia


  3. Anna Yusimova

    Hi Where do you buy extensions? And how do you clip them, i didn't really get it, does the extensions come with clips? Thanks!

  4. Mika Chinchilka

    Balie is verry beutyful. Ecscuse me, I writing English bad, because I from Rusian

  5. Anita Benavides

    I'm going to need a more indef video of how she puts the Bobby pins in her beautiful nails were in the way. Also any tips for braiding curly hair. Like I know now not to braid my daughter's hair when it's wet cause the curls will curl the braid, also using product does the same thing. So any tips for that would be great.

  6. Cora Johnston

    your daughter looks beautiful with her hair like that

  7. kmgothi5

    Great idea! Bailey has grown-up so much. Such a sweet little lady.

  8. Linda Traynor

    Where did you get your comb from please ,what’s the name of it never seen one like that ,love your videos .

  9. Judy Byrd

    her hair seemed pretty thick! Why do you need the extensions?

  10. Dana Carangi

    Bailey is such an angel and I can't get over her little accent. I'm from New Jersey, US, so I'm in love with UK accents! Hope you and your family are well. ❤

  11. Micha_1988

    You really have the lovliest little model and the hair looks amazing!

  12. Leanne Adams

    This is so beautiful! But all her girls have beautiful think long hair to do this !!!

  13. Kamala Ramsingh

    I love the zuzhy ponytail. Can you use non rubber elastic is there a natural color cloth spandex elastic that wont tear the hair when you remove it…Thanks for all the videos

  14. theMaRiLyNMaRtInI

    Always delivering bad ass hairstyles!!!!! :]


    I wish we lived closer.

  16. in Xanadu

    Not sure what’s cuter! The hair or the model!

  17. WorkIT

    What spray are you using? Love your work!

  18. Lynn Johnson

    Absolutely LOVe it


    Why not add a touch of tease on the sections?

  20. Tammy Hubbard

    Bailey is beautiful and I love your hair tutorials .i have tried many of them on my grand daughters. Thanks for teaching us.

  21. Braundi619 HelloUniverse

    Super cute.

  22. mandalay1970

    I love all of ur up do's, faux hawks and braids…. So good.

  23. DannyJane

    I very much love these tutorials. The styles are always lovely. However, I think it might be helpful on some styles if you'd show us how to take them DOWN! After being worn for a while the snarl up must get pretty bad. How do you take them down without tears or broken hair?

  24. Kelli Hicks

    Cute! I like the added security of the mini ponytails securing it in place.

  25. Stacie G

    I love your styles but I ADORE little Ms. Bailey, she’s such a sweetheart

  26. saira zahoor

    For your private session do I need model or mannequin?? Can I practice on myself??

  27. Lacy Biddix

    I love your videos! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  28. Glamrockqueen

    Love this look Beth me Duck. Didn't know extentions were so easy to add! xx

  29. Kawaii MakeUp

    I Love it ❤️

  30. Tabitha Udy

    That is a really cute hairstyle and I might have to try it

  31. lisavcrawford

    Hope your mum is doing ok.

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