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  1. Y Potto222

    Holster that Tajinn big boy

  2. adriann juarez

    Yeaaa food bolk to the nuclear level

  3. RichieRich Taylor

    Strength Cartel Food Truck is the future 😉

  4. Kuda95 M

    Love these two….pause

  5. Steve

    "LOVE THAT SNOWBUNN.. oh lemme stop"

  6. Gerry Bird

    3.50? for water

  7. DrHaiFisch

    Cali And BigBoy ! When i see this i want to go America!

  8. Marlena S

    What part of LA are these food trucks at?

  9. Kevin Gonzalez

    Big Boi is Kalis translator. I cannot understand anything he says. He sounds like he got food in his mouth even when he dont.

  10. James Corsey

    Lift big eat big

  11. Disaster Responder


  12. H Dardon

    Try the truth or dab hot ones show.

  13. H Dardon

    How about some team weight lift challenges like you used to? You can do a food challenge after.

  14. The Ultra Warrior

    We had a food truck in Califas, for over 30 years! Good thing we are not dealing with that hustle during Tecate virus.

    Be blessed

  15. Max Whareaitu

    The bromance between these 2 are epic! Nothing but love!

  16. Official Silke F

    Thats my video idea for you 2 @ Pulling car´s challenge – who can do more, will win a cheat meal, the other will just get a cookie.

  17. Jose Juan Maldonado

    Cali them shades are dope what brand are they or style

  18. Black Jesus

    Dude be hating on cali low key

  19. Nora Fathe

    No masks just vibes

  20. Freddy Garcia

    They have Alot of love for one another

  21. The Slimmest

    Big boy was all nerves paying for his meal…

  22. Jonathan Vaai

    Love watching your videos, keep up the awesome vibes!

  23. Richard Torres

    Make kali do 500 burpezes

  24. Richard Torres

    Hell no get kali on the skate board

  25. Richard Gonsalves

    I want to see all of you everybody to a big barbecue backyard barbecue with Bruce and Joe big Joe and you guys all do a food throwdown make your own a recipe and see who's the best cook

  26. Jesse Graves

    The biggest celebrity to die like that??? Wtf meat head dummies.

  27. Jesse Graves

    Kali is such a block head.

  28. Crispchaos

    Love the fact they almost always go to food trucks showing the small businesses lots of love and free promotion.

  29. b16arunner

    I wanna see you guys go eat the DWI at Jim’s

  30. Shadhan Almandhri

    When BigB and Kali unite its like two clean crack heads if that makes sense

  31. MR MESA

    Who would win between you two and arm wrestling championship

  32. Mr. G

    $200, ok. If the food’s That Good, it’s worth it. Simple as that.

  33. Numsrthalowk

    That’s my spot fuck wish I would of seen u foos I seen wicked @ Izzy Hana on Whittier Blvd tho

  34. Dj Neumatic

    Big Boy: Get in, Trust me Khali don't bite!
    All of us: Sshhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  35. Muyomba Sente

    What do the viewers want to see BIGBOYwithKALI do is ALLTHEABOVES.
    EXTREEM THEMALL. Introduce newroutines, LIFTS, PRESSES etc and these lunch breaks as a bonus.
    This duo will make you want to build and eat. A 2in1 workout. One's physicalworkouts the other is mind body and foods.

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