Can ANY graphics card REALLY Sport at 8K??

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20 Thoughts to “Can ANY graphics card REALLY Sport at 8K??”

  1. Brent Allen

    Me at 1080p: Ah yes, this is good information for me to know

  2. Moobeus

    9:39 the reason it’s stuttering is because the range of fps the 3090 is varying by is higher. If you capped the frames there would be no stutter. This is like basic shit

  3. Moobeus

    Please please please please stop filming the tv screen and just show us captured footage. It’s so dumb I mean like it’s literally like 2007 10 subscriber YouTube shit to film the screen

  4. Conghelach Conghelach

    Nobody’s going to be selling games for the ZK shit let’s face it we’re gonna sell game to 50 people in each country that’s about the only bad it’s not the number of people are going to for this shit to thousand dollar graphics cards being scalped right now absolutely ridiculous I think these people need to Silicon Valley did you get their head out of the fucking clouds they need to break up silicon valley moved somewhere useful and productive as a conservative state and get some damn manufacturing built in this country again

  5. Conghelach Conghelach

    8k wtf? Still trying to get caught up with 2K I got news for youThis shit ain’t going nowhere I’ll tell you why most cable providers most Internet providers are still on the training out 1080 P number one and you don’t need a lot more Internet Internet speeds to do a K not only that but everybody spent all this money trying to switch the switch from 1080 4K we can’t do this bullshit every fucking 18 months is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous so we’re gonna come in the situation of market like a market lead this time it’s gonna be a huge market lag yeah they can’t even put damn video cards out to play 4K so I could give two shits about AK

  6. Shade Tree Garage

    Over the years I've watched Linus, I've noticed he takes Nvidia's side no matter what, and here's why, even WHEN AMD/ATI made a much more efficient, or better product, he still finds away to down them, example this video when the NVIDIA card was eating up 100+ more watts than the AMD card while the AMD card is doing better, with better frame times, and far far less stutter.

    the more and more I realize they truly are either Fanboys/Gals over Nvidia/Intel while other channels are Fanboys/Gals over AMD, but while i just see it here, the AMD card simply won in terms of Pure efficiency and OC power

  7. Bearty

    but how does it compare to duel gpus?

  8. Lazarusshrr

    Linux 3 months ago: GAMING ON 8K WITH A CRAZY BUILD!!!1!1!11!!

    Linux 3 days ago: Can ANY graphics card REALLY Game at 8k?!1?1?!

  9. Caleb Haynes

    Hey! A cool way to visualize that data with percentile differences would be by using a single mean and use error bars to express the variance instead of having 3 separate colors.

  10. Donovan Golfetto

    Why you talk so much about DLSS but dont about SAM?

  11. robert samson

    When "Pimax" perfects their VR Headset that's when I'll take a look at the latest video cards, especially the multi GPU cards that AMD will be coming out with, until then my 1080ti card will continue to do me just fine.

  12. Victor0326

    Mmmm that's hot

  13. Yusseppe

    dude, you can't just run the nvidia card with dlss on instead on native and not mention it….

  14. GamingSandbox54

    Is it me or anthony seems like a best person for reviewing tech.

  15. kjell martin olsen

    that game can render in 300×200 if pc dont handle 640×480 res. only support are dx11.2 12.2 on gpu and o.c cpu and a lot of ram. good luck. now 16k screen s oon are out too. 200 mp and dp 2.1 how will it run on 220-240 v and danich 360 v/watt ? 120 volt only would limit the gpu and cpu and all on it. a 3000w on 120 220 and danish 360 v. try that out with adapters on be in thos contryes when toyota corona 2020 go away. wroooommmmm

    now 2x 8k or 4x 8k can do done Why go for an 8K television when the 16k can be ’round the corner? – IEEE Future Directions so 2x 16k screen would be 32k and so on.

  16. Ketamine Addict

    Doom Eternal is honestly the most impressive game I’ve ever seen it is so well optimized for every console or pc it’s played on, Well done ID Software.

  17. Jose Jimenez

    Can your eyes or brain perceive the difference between 1080P, 2K,4k or 8K? No
    Can they between 30,60 or 128Hz/fps? No
    Stop spreading and promoting marketing BS. Thank you

  18. Scott Elinor

    Here's a list that helped me out.
    In the end, I went with #1.


  19. Darth Socks

    My rtx 3080 can run boneworks on 8k

  20. serbian wolf gaming

    Intel UHD CAN!

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