Blitzoween 2020 : playarkmobile

Blitzoween 2020 : playarkmobile
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Blitzoween is coming to ARK Cellular from Tuesday, October 27th by Tuesday, November third. This uncommon occasion combines our bi-monthly Blitz Week with this yr’s Halloween festivities for a whopping good time on the Island. This yr’s occasion brings Trick or Deal with chests to a every day featured Dungeon, the return of Pumpkin drops across the Island with up to date loot, and wild Eerie dino spawns in multiplayer. Gamers on Official Servers may additionally discover that evening time lasts somewhat longer…

Earlier than the festivities start, we’ll be putting a few of our capped Official PvE & PvX servers into Moratorium to make sure that all of our on-line gamers have a good shake at getting some new Eerie tames. A full checklist of relevant servers may be discovered right here.

Occasion Begin: Tuesday, October 27th at 12:00pm EDT

Occasion Finish: Tuesday, November third at 11:00am EST


We’re bringing again a curated checklist of previously-released Dungeons alongside a particular shock on October 31st. Every day of Blitzoween incorporates a totally different Dungeon, revamped with Trick or Deal with loot chests and granting 2x Eery Ingredient. Throughout this particular time of yr, you’ve additionally obtained a 5x likelihood at encountering Noctis in your approach to the Boss Enviornment.

The complete Blitzoween Dungeon schedule may be discovered beneath.


Pumpkin Drops return to ALL sport modes through the in-game hours of 6:00pm – 5:00am. Search far and vast for these glowing drops which grant certainly one of 100+ objects from an up to date loot desk.


In distinction to how we’ve executed earlier Eerie occasions, all wild creatures* on present Official Servers will spawn as Eerie through the occasion. Moreover, gamers will discover that the times are shorter throughout this time of yr.

On Unofficial Servers, server house owners will discover the choice to activate Wild Eerie Spawns by their net interface through the occasion. Please be aware that this setting might be compelled again off on the finish of the occasion, after every day upkeep.

*As a consequence of technical points, the Unicorn and Electrophorus won’t spawn as Eerie.


This yr sees three contests being hosted throughout Twitter and Instagram. Enter in your likelihood to win a prize of 500x Historic Amber and a 1 yr 50 slot server rental from Nitrado! Our contests this yr are as follows;

For Eerie Tames, we need to see a few of your most interesting & rarest tamed Eerie creatures. Bonus factors for picture composition!

With our Haunted Home contest, you understand what to do. Spookify your base and present it off in a screenshot or a video walkthrough.

Our Scary Conditions contest encourages you to get your inventive juices flowing. We’re simply supplying you with the title of this contest as a information – aside from that, something goes. Scare our socks off!

To enter, submit your entries on Twitter or Instagram utilizing the hashtag #BlitzoweenContest. Entries may be submitted now by the tip of the occasion. One winner for every class might be chosen the next week and take residence a prize of 500x Historic Amber & a Nitrado server rental.


Head to the in-game retailer through the occasion the place you’ll discover Prank Presents turned on in Multiplayer and a bunch of gross sales on numerous objects. Official Servers may also see the Surge Worth of Rest room Paper reset.


Tuesday, October 27th: Everlasting Maze of the Wolf

Options: Rex TEK Saddle BP, TEK Teleporter BP, Journeyman TEK Helmet BP (low likelihood)

Wednesday, October 28th: Violent Dance of the Amphibian

Options: TEK Kibble Processor BP, TEK Leggings BP, 100x Black Pearls, Journeyman TEK Gauntlets BP (low likelihood)

Thursday, October 29th: The Sanguine Cascades

Options: TEK Implant Chamber BP, TEK SCUBA Masks BP, TEK Replicator BP, Journeyman Tapejara TEK Saddle BP (low likelihood)

Friday, October 30th: The Everlasting Tomb

Options: TEK Generator BP, Mosasaur TEK Saddle BP, TEK Defend BP, Journeyman TEK Chestpiece BP (low likelihood)

Saturday, October 31st: ?????????

Options: TEK Kibble Processor BP, TEK Grenade BP, Journeyman TEK Rifle BP (low likelihood)

Sunday, November 1st: Cemetery of Chaos

Options: TEK Megalodon Saddle BP, TEK Sleeping Pod BP, Journeyman TEK Boots BP (low likelihood)

Monday, November 2nd: Cloven Burial Grounds

Options: TEK Mosasaur Saddle BP, TEK Teleporter BP, Journeyman TEK Leggings BP (low likelihood)

*All featured Dungeons start at 12:00pm Jap Time, and finish at 11:00am Jap Time the next day.

**Group-made maps and additional data on every Dungeon may be discovered right here.

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