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Why Offer Side Bets

In an effort to encourage extra gamers to play blackjack, and in addition to enhance their margins, many land-based and on-line casinos have added aspect bets on their blackjack tables. The innocent-looking aspect bets often require a fairly small wager (sometimes solely a greenback), they usually usually have payoffs which can be better than the customary even-money blackjack payoffs. On this Chapter, I’ll clarify a few of these aspect bets and reply the query, “Are they value a wager?”

Why Offer Side Bets


It’s no secret that blackjack has a low home edge (round half a %) with the comparatively easy-to-learn primary enjoying technique that I described in earlier chapters of this Information. Inventors dream up aspect bets to bolster on line casino earnings, after which attempt to promote them to casinos. Every year on the on line casino business’s premier commerce present (World Gaming Expo, or G2E, which is held in Las Vegas), you’ll discover numerous numbers of enthusiastic distributors pitching their aspect bets to on line casino officers.

The fact, nevertheless, is that many of those aspect bets by no means make it to the on line casino ground, and the few that do die rapidly due to lack of play from gamers (that may discover ways to play blackjack proper right here). However some have survived, and extra are within the pipeline ready for his or her likelihood.

What follows is a abstract of the extra standard blackjack aspect bets that you could be discover on blackjack tables in land-based and on-line casinos. Word that the home edge for a aspect guess could be very depending on the payoff schedule, which isn’t essentially the identical from one on line casino to the following (the payoff schedule is often printed on the felt, or summarized on a placard). I’ve listed one of the best payoff schedules to search for and the corresponding home edge assuming a six-deck sport. In instances the place counting programs have been developed for a selected aspect guess, I’ve listed the supply for them. As a basic guideline, aspect bets in blackjack have excessive home edges and ought to be prevented. However should you insist on making an attempt your luck, not less than keep on with the aspect bets which have the bottom home edge. Higher but, study a counting system that’s particular to the aspect guess and that can provide you an edge. (Word: The quantity you possibly can wager on a aspect guess might also fluctuate from on line casino to on line casino.)

SeparatorStraight Flush


The 21+Three blackjack aspect guess pays off based mostly on the participant’s first two playing cards and the vendor’s upcard. If the three playing cards type a flush, straight, threeof- a-kind, or straight flush, the participant wins. Within the authentic model of the 21+3 aspect guess, the payout for every of the profitable arms was 9 to 1, leading to a home edge of three.24%. These days, new pay tables have been launched which have larger home edges and better volatility. Eliot Jacobson developed and examined a fairly advanced card counting system for this sport that targets flushes.

Separatorroyal match


The Royal Match aspect guess is obtainable at single-deck and multi-deck tables. If you happen to make this guess in a multi-deck sport, and your first two dealt playing cards are suited (referred to as an Straightforward Match) the payoff is 5 to 2, with a Royal Match – a suited King and Queen – paying 25 to 1. As well as, you obtain a 5 to 1 payoff for a suited blackjack. These are player-friendly payouts that ends in a home edge of three.7 %. Within the single-deck model, the payoffs are Three to 1 for an Straightforward Match and 10 to 1 for a Royal Match (home edge 3.8%). There’s a counting system for Royal Match in Past Counting (James Grosjean) and The Massive Guide of Blackjack (Arnold Snyder).

SeparatorOver Under 13


A participant can wager on whether or not the sum of his first two playing cards will probably be over, or beneath, 13. A complete of 13 at all times loses and the ace counts as 1. The home edge for the Over 13 wager is 6.5 %, and for the Underneath 13, it’s 10 %. (Yikes!) The aspect guess is often supplied on six- and eight- deck video games. A number of execs (e.g., Arnold Snyder and Stanford Wong) have revealed a counting system for this aspect guess. You will get the small print and efficiency of those card counting programs from Eliot Jacobson.

SeparatorSuper Seven


The participant hopes for plenty of 7s – the extra the merrier. If his first card is a 7, it pays Three to 1. If his first two playing cards are 7s, the payoff relies on whether or not they’re suited (100 to 1) or unsuited (50 to 1). Draw a 3rd 7 and now it actually will get attention-grabbing. If his first three playing cards are unsuited 7s, the payoff is 500 to 1, and if suited, he receives the highest payoff of 5,000 to 1. In some casinos, when the vendor has a blackjack and a participant has two 7s, the on line casino gained’t deal a 3rd card to the participant and the home edge on this aspect guess is 12.6 %. Nonetheless, some casinos will give the participant a 3rd card on this scenario and the home edge drops to 11.four %. The excellent news is there’s a card counting system that may beat this aspect guess. (Particulars in The Massive Guide of Blackjack.) The dangerous information is that the utmost quantity that you’re allowed to wager on this aspect guess is $1, so your achieve is 25 cents per hour (or much less).

SeparatorLucky Ladies


On the Fortunate Girls aspect guess gamers are betting that their first two playing cards whole 20, ideally with two queens. The highest payoff is 1,000 to 1 should you get two queens of hearts and the vendor has a blackjack. If you happen to get “solely” two queens of hearts, it pays 200 to 1; a matched 20 (identical rank and go well with) pays 25 to 1; a suited 20 pays 10 to 1; and any unsuited 20 pays four to 1. The home edge is 17 %; nevertheless, you should utilize the Hello-Lo rely and get the sting on this aspect guess when the true rely is 6.5 or larger (particulars within the report by KC Brooks in, concern #147).

SeparatorPair Square


A participant wins this aspect guess if his first two playing cards are the identical rank (like a pair of 6s). An unmatched pair (like 6 of golf equipment and 6 of spades) pays 10 to 1. A matched pair (like a pair of sixes of golf equipment) pays 15 to 1. The home edge is 10.6 %; nevertheless, relying on the pay desk, there’s a card counting system that provides you with the sting. (Particulars seek the advice of



Yearly, I dispatch playing professional John Grochowski to the World Gaming Expo in Las Vegas to take a look at the newest blackjack aspect bets being touted by inventors and casinos, and he writes a report about them in my Blackjack Insider publication. If you happen to seek for G2E in our archived publication, you’ll discover lots of info on new blackjack aspect bets. Likewise, Eliot Jacobson typically analyzes new aspect bets and posts on his website (www.apheat.internet) whether or not they are often overwhelmed; equally.



  • The enchantment of blackjack aspect bets is the comparatively giant amount of cash you possibly can win for a small wager
  • Aspect bets have excessive home edges and ought to be prevented
  • If you wish to wager on a aspect guess, do analysis to find out if a counting system exists, and study the system.


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