BioPhoenix Recreation Opinions: Metallic Gun slinger (GBA)

Episode 206 an motion platformer with a sci-fi western fashion sorta like if wild arms had a spin off sport on the gameboy advance. has some parts of each …

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8 Thoughts to “BioPhoenix Recreation Opinions: Metallic Gun slinger (GBA)”

  1. Veit Vazmei

    Big tiddy cowgirl?

  2. Malta Master

    Dude how did you find out about this game? I’ll play any game on the gba for at least a few seconds

  3. L.C. Entertainment

    I'm digging the the Trigun style genera, even Cowboy bebop falls into that slightly. Gun man clive was a fun game. I'm not going to lie, I have yet to play a Mega man game. It has eluded me for so many years.

    Looks like an interesting game.

  4. Extreme Wreck 2000

    Sci-Fi Wild West… what a wild combination of genres XD.

  5. Terry 309

    Billy from Xenogears finally got his own game. This actually looks like a pretty solid game, the lack of directional aiming is what bothers me about Megaman.

  6. VGMashUP

    That gameplay looks quite good. The gameplay does have a lot of Megaman vibes which is a good thing, and these types of games (good and obscure) always command high prices.
    If I was into GBA games, I’d definitely look into something like this but I currently own 0 GBA games and unfortunately it’s another handheld that I likely won’t play. (My handheld backlog in monumental lol).
    Great review as always!

  7. TruMcfly

    This game does look awesome. What you never seen spikes on a train? I think when you book an Amtrak to Chicago spikes are included. That price point is steep. I will have to see if I have the rom for it.


    Hey, I remember playing this, once XD I liked I need to play more of it. Nice review!! And the ending.. lol XD

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