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10 Thoughts to “Binary patching sport cheat codes [Game Hacking 101]”

  1. el presidente

    Very cool video !

  2. Klemza K

    nice .. good stuff

  3. Nicholas Durand

    Subscribed so I catch the DLL injection video! Looking forward to it

  4. Mr VB

    Surely the easier option is to patch the code to write the values you want to the expected location, this way you just patch in one place instead of 6 separate subroutines?

  5. Trilok Suthar

    would love to watch DLL injection technique. GREAT video as always!!

  6. rillban1

    DLL injections please! Awesome content 🙂

  7. David Fernadez Gonzalez

    It would be awesome to have some DLLs injection videos! Nice content and easy to follow!

  8. Daniel McPherson


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