Battlefield 6 must have higher Anti Cheat ( How is that this allowed?! )

Battlefield 6 MUST have a good anti cheat system and I’d like to see extra accomplished by DICE and EA to sort out cheats of their video games. Let’s focus on the problems …

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34 Thoughts to “Battlefield 6 must have higher Anti Cheat ( How is that this allowed?! )”

  1. Omniscient Sloth

    I still don’t get how playing like that is any fun…

  2. Reece Hurlstone

    Me on xbox: hehe boi

  3. Artur P

    Jack sends an email to anti cheat department and he gets a response in 2 seconds "Undeliverable"

  4. Drift13Creations

    Just let battlefeild die and go play Hell Let Loose. Pretty simple really.

  5. FortniteSpecialty

    New battlefield must get Battle-eye as anti-cheat, that way cheaters will quit after 1 game due to instabans.

  6. teezy13500

    BF6 needs more players so it won't DOA.

  7. MrRubixOfficial

    I uninstalled bf1 today I've had enough of cheaters

  8. Lukas Rutgers

    I am on PC and i have 119hours on it but i dont think i have met a cheater 😀 XD

  9. Mocha Vibing

    Why you bully me

  10. GSA _ Trip

    just join servers with admins.there are plenty

  11. Rob w

    have console crossplay off and problem solved

  12. BASSstarlet

    Any suggestions for BFBC2 multi, cheat (wallhack not aim bot)?

  13. brad cunliffe

    You sound like Brian Cox

  14. John Sapp

    I swear people on bf4 cheat too

  15. daverino

    Its not the only game where it is like that. 😀 Basically all modern games have cheater like this and they dont even get banned. COD Warzone is a good example.

  16. The soul collector

    cheaters are the worse

  17. RAAFLightningII

    3:35 laughs in chronus max

  18. Everybody Calls Me Sir

    This is what you do, have a majority vote in a Lobby by putting the lobby on pause (doing so for multiple reasons) and a message pops up on your screen that says "said Player is being voted to be kicked and banned from server for hacking. Vote Yes or No…

  19. Charles D

    Thank you for saying something. Respect. Would love to play games w you. Ps: this name is not my in-game name for games.

  20. Charles D

    Treat hackers as terrorist. Problem solved. But I find the problem within the games adminstration. They can easily prevent themselves getting banned.

  21. Rodriguez gaming 619

    Not happening

  22. James Walker

    Virtue signaling will be more important than addressing cheaters in BF6 lol

  23. MrFiat500fan

    I find cheaters very often in bfv and oh boy what cheats they are using

  24. Niels Wagt

    Exactly the reason im not playing BF anymore .. didnt take very long after release. before we encountered the first cheater.

    Also not buying the next BF for a few months.

  25. BFi Ruzhdi-X

    we are 4 friends that we play since 13 years Battlefield games never we played another shooter game just

    Battlefield series but we stopped playing since 3 weeks.

    there are so many hackers in game now never seen in one Battlefield game so many cheat/hackers or maby are kidz that play with hacks.

    most of them are using 2+3 and the tool hack with 0 recoil gun's.I Hope the new Battlefield will nott be like this one

  26. Jacky peng

    The most populous Asian country in the world,a shopping app called TAOBAO ,such as you use
    Amazon 。BF5 plug-ins have Three or four thousand sales per month, policemen don't manage these,but Tencent game or Wangyi game have Someone develops a plug-in,The police investigate and catch them。they do not care PUBG COD and BF Plug-in。my English not well ,this is me use geogle translation。DIce Will not sue these plugins in The most populous Asian country in the world。

  27. Dan Phillips

    That cheater is well known, they've been around for ages.

  28. The Best MC

    Battlefield:fuk man i’m dying,nobody seems to care about FPS games,they rather chose stupid ass battle royale like Fortnite or open world games,i have no chance

    Call of Duty:on your feet soldier!ready for some retribution? helps BF

    Battlefield:oh it’s you,why help me tho?

    Call of Duty:the enemy of my enemy is my friend,cmon we got a war to fight

  29. An Idiot Learns

    nope il be turning off crossplay I don't wanna play with the pc hacker race if I can play between consoles that's fine if cross play is forced I won't buy bf6

  30. An Idiot Learns

    this is why I don't pc game anymore…. yes it can happen on console but it's a shit ton rarer

  31. Axux

    @jackfrags thank you for making a video about this. Lately, the game feels neglected, almost every server has a cheater actively playing.
    It was ok at the beginning, they were banning people for aimbots. But now, even obvious aimbots aren't getting banned for months although people report them.
    I think they have to bring PunkBuster and Pbbans banlist activated servers back with Bf6, their own anti-cheat doesn't work at all.

  32. YoNootz321

    Thanks Jack for fighting cheating in battlefield. You're visible enough that you can really have an impact

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