ASUS Zephyrus G15 Overview – Not All Ryzen Gaming Laptops Are Winners

The ASUS Zephyrus G15 is a thinner Ryzen primarily based gaming laptop computer, however normally a smaller measurement leads to increased temperatures and fewer efficiency, so let’s …

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42 Thoughts to “ASUS Zephyrus G15 Overview – Not All Ryzen Gaming Laptops Are Winners”

  1. Techtesters

    Hey Jarrod, nice as always <3. Might be good to know though: I did remove the black covers over the fans, which REALLY helped GPU and especially CPU thermals. ASUS said that they "had" to include those covers as it drops keyboard and some internal temps, which was needed for some internal validations. (it's a long story, but that's the short of it). I still think that the open design makes much more sense, dropping CPU temps by ~10 C and take 2 degrees on the keyboard seems like an easy choice to me personally. ASUS did say they would look into honoring warranty in cases where the end-user ended up doing that, but I never got a final answer on that. I'll poke again.

    FYI the 144Hz panel has meh gamut. 240Hz is the one to get for sure.

    Update: They've just told me that warranty when removing the covers will depend on the policy of the local office. Some will cover it, others might not. There is no guarantee that repairs get covered if you remove them, so it's hard to recommend you do so. If you want to help, my advice is to push local shops and offices to think about this. (Loud) feedback it the only way this gets the attention it deserves.

  2. A B

    Thank you Jarrod. I have a question about Overdrive. The Legion 5 has the same thing, and it reduces response time, like this does. My question is: is there any reason to NOT enable that, if you don't care about response time? If not, why is it even an option?

  3. Travis

    Is it worth buying a gaming laptop right now, or do you think it's worth it to wait 3-6 months? The GE66 seems like a great performer, but not sure if some new architecture is right around the corner.

  4. Gamma RBLX

    Really good review, but I'm kind of debating whether I should get the Helios 300, Zephyrus G15, Legion 5 or the Omen 15. I'm looking for good battery life too

  5. Henrique Lameu

    It have g sync?

  6. Saya setuju,

    does the Logo behind can be turned on?

  7. Jaša Jakob Jerenec

    Asus are blocking vents so dust doesn't block fans.

  8. Duy Tran Hoang

    “How to neft AMD”

  9. Quang Toki

    Hi Jarrod do you think this G15 is better than Tuf A15? because here we only have ryzen 4800h on G15 and Tuf A15

  10. MuX1 Sam

    Hey Jarrod, did you try to disable CPU boost or switch it to "aggressive efficient" which allows boost only when CPU load reaches 60%? The CPU is bottle necked by the GPU, and it seems when the GPU load reaches 100% the cpu tries to push further. when you disable the boost or turn it to aggressive efficient you get a drop of 20-25°C. I have the G14 and I used to have ~95°C CPU temp while gaming. Now, I get a max of 68-69 °C after 2h of Apex legends. Disabling the boost also causes the fan noise to drop since the components do not run that hot anymore.

  11. Zelig Lim

    When is it getting update?

  12. Hùng Nguyễn

    Legion 5 and Omen are on top right now

  13. Aybars Yıldırım

    I cry ;(

  14. Hecate338

    I used to want this laptop, but I got Legion 7i instead, and now I have an ongoing anxiety about 7i's hinge

  15. Ihsan Hafiyyan

    im using the g15 ryzen 4800hs with gtx 1660 ti max q version for 3 months, and i feel quite satisfied with its performance (no thermals throtling). however, the cpu temp quite high and im going to open the vents after the warranty expired

  16. Greeshmanth Annareddy

    Can you tell me which cooling pad do you use please? Thank you.

  17. Chengyan Boon

    Have you tried disabling the boost like most of the G14/G15 subreddit community recommends? That's what I've done on my G15 and though I haven't benchmarked anything frame rates feel decent enough in Silent Mode with low fan noise and temperatures closer to the 70s. I haven't seen the GPU clock speed capped to 300 on Silent like you did once I disabled boost either.

  18. sampanchung1234

    I've been in market for a thin and light for awhile, Asus almost had me on this one, I've had eyes on a 2070 Blade 15 Base for around a price of a MSI GS66. I live in EU so I can't get this RTX 2060 Model anyway. Nice video!

  19. f 97

    can you do the zephyrus g14 with 1650 gpu.. for temp and performance

  20. Francis Jether Siao

    Great vid! But I'd say its better to compare with other devices not on sale price.

  21. Nobesss Nobes

    I have Zephyrus 14 it is a real beast and better than 15 inc

  22. Ankit Raj

    please please please could u compare zephyrus G15 vs hp omen 15 (i m so confused) 🙁

  23. Ankit Raj

    Legends say : Some people are still confused between A15 and G15 🙂

  24. Ishkaran Brar

    AMD fans after reading the title: INTEL FANBOY

  25. MimotojiYT

    Overall comparison between this laptop and the msi gl65 leopard 10SEK, which one is better ?

  26. ꧁Aviral꧂

    Hey would you recommend to buy A Eluctronics MAX 17 OR Not???

  27. HyruleanKnight

    Asus has some glaring issues that they need to iron out asap. First, their decision to exclude the webcam is just, idk, stupid – no one uses their laptops cameras to take beauty shots; they're there for video calling, pinch or not, period. Next, intentionally gimped cooler designs – no laptop design in existence benefits from building up heat on the inside, so any excuse from them regarding blocking the air vents is invalid. Lastly, they consistently choose to implement useless features, such as the Keystone. I bet you, not a single soul on this planet wants these features, at least not at the expense of other more useful ones. I'm 100% not buying an Asus next year if they continue these kind of practices.

    Is it so hard to make a good, no bull$h!t laptop? Apparently not, Lenovo does it. MSI does so too, albeit with Intel only. I'm starting to get the notion that Asus has become too greedy.

  28. abbr

    I have this laptop, is that a bad laptop ? 🙁

  29. HyruleanKnight

    The legion 5 is basically Lenovo saying "okay, we're not pulling any brainless $h!t here, take it or leave it"

  30. Will Rivera

    You're the only one who doesnt think this laptops good lol only thing thatbsucks about it is the air vents

  31. Jyoti Goyal

    Pls do make an video on asus zephyrus duo 15 vs msi ge66 raider. I am confused which to buy as msi ge66 is comparatively a little faster and but I am more impressed by design of asus zephyrus duo 15. Pls tell which to buy. Pls make an video on comparison of their build, gaming, camera and other specs

  32. Benjamin LEUNG [11S2]

    Would this laptop be a viable option if battery life was more important? Or would Legion 5 still outweigh in terms of performance and value?

  33. fluid!

    Which is better Acer Nitro 5 or Asus TUF A15??

  34. Martin Gallardo Munoz

    which are the differents between this model (G15) vs M15?

  35. Murali A

    Dude can you get me legion 1660ti model from your country cause it's high here please contact me

  36. B Fish

    I really don't understand the 65w 2060. I mean I get with the 4900HS you get a laptop that can theoretically charge over usb c, but that's seriously garbage performance for as expensive as this is and to be smoked by 1660ti's isnt a good look.

  37. fabian hinds

    Which would you recommend? The asus m15 or asus g15

  38. Sailesh V

    Hi JT, Can you review between HP OMEN 15 (2020) vs Asus Rog zephyrus G15

  39. Who Is Him

    I’m thinking about getting the M15 but I don’t know if it the right one anyone have one

  40. Khady Goudiamy

    As an architecture student, any laptop without a numberpad doesnt sit well with me

  41. sabishiihito

    Fanboys be like "InTeL cOnSpIrAcY"

  42. Said Ibrahim

    This laptop is not good , I bought it and after 1 month the CPU fan started making a lot of noise like something was stuck there, I opened up the back and cleaned it because I thought it was dust. But it still kept making noise, then it started throttling and I couldn't find where to turn that off. It gets way to hot like 90 degrees Celsius in like 15 minutes of gaming (I mostly play apex). All in all I would tell you to avoid this laptop. Am not the only one with these problems, multiple people on reddit had the same issues. Asus customer service is terrible, thank God I bought it from best buy, where when I went to them, they took it and sent it to Asus and am still awaiting, its been 4 weeks.

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