Assassins Creed Valhalla Evaluate "Purchase, Await Sale, By no means Contact?"

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42 Thoughts to “Assassins Creed Valhalla Evaluate "Purchase, Await Sale, By no means Contact?"”

  1. David E

    0:04 In the Year 873
    How do know what year it is based on?

  2. Dr Koolaidman

    Sub for sure

  3. Shaun Steele

    Let me give you a little hint. We have all been beaten into submission by failure to be excited for its 6th entry. But not being able to envision the online heist environment had given up on the 5th entry into the series and were not buying that "little kids what they think adults do" simulator. Now we've all been beaten black and purple back to excitement for the series. Like its German.

  4. Shaun Steele

    And you can add that to the bank from the one gamer besides hideo Kojima that knew the emperor wore no clothes back in 2013. There was going to be a new emperor. And it was going to make a lot of SERIOUS OLDER gamers groan out loud to find out it was back in full force.

  5. Shaun Steele

    This game still is littered with map markers. But within the missions themselves, this game has become dark souls. Common sense instructions. No map markers. Thats what you get. Figure it out.

  6. Shaun Steele

    You have to play detective in this game. Figure out who dunnit. Not a single map marker. Notes. With clues written in English. And I don't want to spoil too much but if you're not a good detective and actually investigate, you can get it wrong and the story plays out like that.

  7. Shaun Steele

    This game director needs to be heralded as creating a game with a large amount of bloat and making it all interesting to experience. This is ubisoft doing this folks, I will remind you again.

  8. Shaun Steele

    This one i felt did not get a fair shake anywhere. Skill up literally asked how did this entry change from odyssey at all. Well they attempted to put out a game of the same length where every mission was enjoyable to partake in either through the use of humor or just keeping you interested in the outcome. It completely escaped every reviewer and they b$#^$ and moaned it did not fit their review window.

  9. Barry Allen

    I got this and watch dog for a grand total of 58$ for both they were like 30 ish new some how

  10. shadowfallenable

    Tried it and it just doesn’t work for me. It feels like a step backwards of last two Assassin Creeds. IT DOESNT LOOK NEXGEN AT ALL!!

  11. coates27

    I waited to get this one, and i haven't encountered any glitches so far, sometimes patience is a virtue. With the price of games these games i have switched up the way i buy. Only get titles with high replay value, i pretty much have every major AC title. I do wish they would remaster the first one but i digress. So far despite what i have been hearing i had to give it a shot and so far im digging it. THE MUSIC!!!! smh unbelievable and i do believe this is the first AC game that im actually considering snagging the soundtrack.

  12. FrankiE Martinez

    This game is good if you can get it at 40ish or less. But full price? Idk unless you really liked odyssey and origins the yes.

  13. Nomar Noland

    It's awesome get it

  14. John Ferreira

    With every AC release, I miss Black Flag more and more…That was the last great AC game.

  15. SuppaiMono

    "You let go!"
    "No you let go!"
    No you!"

  16. Truth Seeker

    Cyberpunk got so owned by Valhalla!!!!
    Greatest butt kicking ever dealt in the history of gaming!!!!
    Vikings for the Win!!!!

  17. Hoc Est Bellum

    I totally agree with the points here.
    Definitely the weakest aspect of the game is its combat and it is such a shame…
    It feels weightless, it is repeatitive and a bit "cartoony" or "arcadish". I would love to have an admixture between Odysee's and Unity's combat in the future.
    Other than that, the came is fine at least untl now.

  18. Naivedhya Khatri

    Is the game in a good state right now?

  19. Dheeraj Mishra

    Hmm, didn't even mention the forced grind…

  20. Reptile Guy

    Yeah people purchase THIS GAME instead of that garbage cyberpunk 2077.

  21. GilbertCube1532

    ummmmmmm…. hows the stealth and parkour???
    This is an Assassin's Creed game right? smh

  22. Matto

    This game's soundtrack has no right to be as good as it is. It's easily in my top soundtracks now

  23. Chris Johnson

    Long story short this is a skip. How did I know

  24. S S

    They fixed the bugs on this in 2021 yet?

  25. Timothy Houston

    This game is not nearly as good as I thought it would be

  26. joseph yard

    Will anything EVER be as good as the Witcher 3 was or am I ruined by it for all time?

  27. Liyan rosal


  28. Ethen Green

    This game reminds me of another viking game called Rune.

  29. Andre Frazier

    Ehh… I just downloaded this the other day… Been putting it off… Eh.. I love the vibe and story. Graphics are great too. But the combat is a mess to me. Especially since im playing Fenyx Immortal at the same time which is snappy and such.. Its just… slugglish, clunky, janky animations. The devs in Sekiro even went technical with the animations ensuring that every blade strike lines up correctly, so everything is times in a parry and slash fashion.

    this seems to clunky all around. I gave it a go of a few hours.. lol. really did… honestly Ghost of Tsushima has cursed me lol I put that back on instead this morning… havent even finished it.. its just so clean, smooth and immersive. The one on one duels (story moments) are so…. arcade like. Dodging around with these arcade like not that impactful feeling strikes. Odyssey and Origins was handled better for me…

    And Ghost of T is better than all of that so ill be fine with this right now. lol

  30. Retro_Games

    I bought it and I say wait for a sale or never touch

  31. Dean Marcus

    Really really really enjoyed this game, top AC game of the lot and in my top 5 of all time. I only wish I could go back to the beginning and experience it all again for the 1st time.

  32. Dougie Fuoco

    so they did all that work making combat better in odyssey and origins just to axe it in this one? wtf?

  33. Keewee tv

    you should put chapters in your videos

  34. Moncree Brown

    I bought this game a few days ago and I'm definitely enjoying it so far although I have run into a few bugs during cutscenes but nothing too drastic to keep me from playing. I think they could have worked on the combat a bit more because at times the animations don't seem to blend and flow together smoothly. Story is pretty cool so far as well.

  35. Joey Maxon

    I feel like this game was way overhyped

  36. Lord Sorrow

    I love AC Unity armor and weapon item choices. But I didn't enjoy it in AC Odyssey

  37. Zero Two

    Left the video in 10 seconds for cringe. Disgusting and drawn out content anyways.

  38. Nathan Taylor

    I just got this on PS5 and am about 20 hours in. Haven’t really noticed any bugs or pop in. Framerate has been buttery smooth at 60fps the whole time. Really enjoying my time so far

  39. Bon Quee quee

    'my god the people'

  40. bitnbytes01

    Copy paste, copy paste, im sick of Ubisofts openworld formula. I wish this company goes bankrupt.

  41. MustangCobra

    I was going to give this one a try, but then Ubisoft decided to get into politics with their "vote like you game" bullshit.

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