7 Weirdest Methods Video games Have been Censored

Videogame censorship typically results in actually weird substitutions that make much less sense than how solely one of many Spice Women was named after a spice.

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42 Thoughts to “7 Weirdest Methods Video games Have been Censored”

  1. spamuel98

    I never played the original Half-Life, since it came out the year I was born. I got Black Mesa instead, the loyally fan-made remake of the original game using the same source engine as half-life 2.

  2. Umbra Jord

    ….. Europe really sucks with their censorship :/

  3. doubledamn

    Australia got a crying koala.

  4. Zerpify

    bad guy leader head explode gross

  5. The Wise Wizwad

    The problem I have with this list is just you left out the fact that the abortion scene is a key part of the story and you actually get to do the mini game later which litterally saves everyone

  6. Orion Benson

    Here’s a video idea. 7 video game bad guys that during the final battle have to be protected because you can just normally kill them easily

  7. Marcum

    That tickle rods are a little more creepy

  8. StevieWho

    Honestly I find the censorship screens in Stick of Truth funnier than seeing what they're actually replacing.

  9. b

    Carmagedon… I was a freakin baby when i saw someone play it for the first time and it showed me just how messed up yet free (not necessarily in a good way) you can be in games

    EDIT: I 'lived in the UK at the time and it was 100% the bloody version i saw… It's burned onto my memory, trust me

  10. Teresa hikes

    i really take it for granted i live in the US

  11. Metroplex

    If a game gets a german version the gore is just replaced with robots or related things

  12. Metroplex

    I guess the robots in Half Life is the reason there's playable robots in the multiplayer

  13. Metroplex

    Me: sees Half-Life in the thumbnail
    Also me: This is gonna get intresting

  14. heresthadude1080

    9:18 Joseph Joestar

  15. 0MidnighttheDragon0

    so this may seem kinda random, but this is your most recent vid and it just popped up in my head.

    if she feels up for it, and you guys decide to do the "arachnaphobe's video game spiders on the nope-o-meter", may I reccomend the spiders from Darkest Dungeon be shown? I feel like their animations alongside appearance realy add that creepy factor. and this is coming from someone who, not to her extent mind you, but still existance, is scared of spiders.

  16. RenaDeles

    Ah yes, the family friendly game where the protagonist hires child soldiers

  17. Sven C.

    I am just glad that the censorship in Germany changed drastically. After declaring video games are also culture, even nazi symbols are allowed today (Wolfenstein for example can be bought uncensored now after many many years)

  18. Digital Deathsquid

    This video gets bonus points for blasting Fear Factory in the background for the Carmageddon entry

  19. Ethan Davis

    I’ve heard German children are a lot more independent than other children but they can’t handle shit with video games

    Edit: actually you know what Europe is just full of crap in general not just Germans

  20. Arghya Raihan

    Jane got the Stick of Truth segment? I see.

  21. Throttle Kitty

    And The Pussy Cat Dolls were neither cat themed, nor doll themed. What's up with that?

  22. Sea Kelp

    Is it creepy that the animation for screaming is the same as laughing? After all, one cannot spell Slaughter without Laughter.

  23. H maddox

    honestly i like the south park censor technique for europe its kind of the if you dont like it we wont give it to you in another maybe more gross way approach so more than likely its almost an entire game of face palms and flags and texts on the bottom of the screen and very little else because south park is pretty twisted and definitely not intended for snow flakes lol

  24. Eren Denburg Niederhoffer

    Did…did what happen in the South Park Video Game actually happen in the show?

  25. Ryan Ulrich

    Low poly simon Whistler thumbnail?

  26. Savaris96

    Three things: Command and Conquer, german version, cyborgs
    Or just take C&C Generals, a fun ride for everybody, my favourite though is the IMAGINARY Terrorist-Group, whose name got replaced with ANOTHER imaginary Terrorist Group

  27. Matthew Cummins

    I'm not sure how it was for Europe, but the Australian cemcorship of Stick of Truth made the Ending boss/bomb truly confusing to defeat, as all of the probiing parts that were cut, were all training chances for the mechanics of the final Boss. Got me so confused!

  28. OBI 91

    Death to all censorship I say, EU should be ashamed of what they did to Stick of Truth lol

  29. Boxanadu

    What about the German version of Soldier of Fortune II, where everyone is a robot.

  30. Robert Ritter

    For the metal gear solid maybe they censored the laughing rod with the shock rod because instead of the other way around. Knowing metal gear solid it wouldn't surprise me.

  31. avd 2298

    Jane the goddess

  32. Fittik

    I never caught on to the soup thing in Chrono Trigger being a stand in for alcohol, but it makes sense. xD

  33. Der Headbanger

    I'm so glad we don't censor games like we used to in germany. Another odd case: in Command and Conquer all human units were replaced by robots. The recent remaster kept the humans, but the audio still references them as cyborgs and robots since the audio files were taken direcly from the old games! 😀

  34. Bruce Aitken

    I remember the Stick of Truth… Honestly, I would have been less scarred with the text… 😛

  35. Bryce Plummer

    the camera being so close was to censor that they replace you with centaur robots, isn't it?

  36. Hurrikan Loui Trollthemall

    no tf2 german-censorship in this ranking? iam disapointed… zeit für enttäuschungs-waffeln… die bitter-süßesten waffeln von allen!

  37. Vinyl Wubs

    T W E N T Y T W O Y E A R S A G O ? ! ? ! ?

  38. randomeuropeanguy

    never never censor my south park mr europe, never! sad lives in europe noises

  39. Mat

    Should i add that Half Life 1 also had ANOTHER CENSOR FEATURE? Sure i didn't see it anywhere else but i can testify this wasn't HL1's violence.
    In the GOTY edition, in the menu you can enable "Parental Censor" and it does what it says. It censors the game, not to the point of the german version but it does.
    While the human characters do make their death animation, they don't pour blood from being shot or else. Try to destroy them into gibs and their body disappears like the german version (5:00).
    Germans are more censor happy than parents according to VALVe. Wow.

  40. TheIronAntelope

    Headless Giant Dog Monster.
    My band has a new name.

  41. 0ceanicify

    Saboteur was censored by default and you had to pre-order to remove the pixellation on the dancing ladies.

  42. docette2015

    To be fair to MGS: Peacekeeper game, I know from experience that laughing too much hurts like hell and leaves you gasping for breath. So intense tickle torture probably WOULD be unpleasant. Maybe take out the electric bolts from the graphics, though? And sheesh, South Park — why. Just — why.

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