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35 Thoughts to “10,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE | EPIC Cheat Day | Man VS Meals”

  1. Ryland Adams

    I hope you like today’s video! From the thumbnail and title I hope you can tell there is excessive eating and calorie counting. If that is triggering for you please skip out on this one. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Jonah Mechling

    Petition to uncancel Shane

  3. Grace Elizabeth

    shane you’re not welcome back onto youtube. jenna didn’t do anything HALF as bad as what shane did and she’s staying away from it. he needs to move on

  4. Vitor Espindola

    The fact that you dont even eat a lot naturally and doesnt love junk food and KNOWS u cant make it made me ANGRY for some reason. The moment u Said "Ive never eaten 3 donuts" i was like "lol girl ur dying today bye"

  5. marie

    i already knew what this comment section was gonna be like.

  6. -G A C H A T A R D-

    You guys be complaining about wasting food but nobody gonna comment on his screen saver lol

  7. Sandra

    I hate the editing. It’s like the equivalent of a ”will it blend” but with videos instead of food and other items.

  8. Roza Gonzalez

    I was really a fan of Shane's conspiracy vídeos but i never knew the controversy's of his past i really wish he made a real apology one that came at heart and one that addressed everything he did I'm still upset that he won't face what he actually has done

  9. Edit Nation

    Can y'all stop with the negativity in this comment section tf

  10. Olivia Castles

    Reading these comments make me miss early 2000s… Like I just wish people would learn to either forgive or not hold grudges. I will forever love Ryland and Shane, I do not care what hate I get for supporting and liking who I want. Its a free country, and this is an entertainment platform. Not everything is as serious as many of you take things,

  11. Jessica Clay

    can yall stop dragging Shane. whats done is done. let's learn and move on. this is Rylands channel, get over yourselves

  12. Danny Lopez

    shane is not the same man he was 15 years ago. of course his actions were disgusting but people need to realize that self growth is a thing.

  13. Both Cats

    HAHHHAHAHHA the music when he stared throwing up, killed me.

  14. Mary Anderson

    I miss you and love you so much shane I hope you see this. I hope you're doing good.

  15. Nightcore Madness

    I love the way Shane edits I think it's great that hes come back a little of course there's probably not a lot he could do to make a full bounce back Considering what he did but I don't think he should be cancelled of course what he did was bad but you can't change the brains hard wiring some people are just born like that and it's no reason to cancel someone especially if they have never acted on it or their is no evidence of doing that but also what he did was in the past in a different social climate of course again not saying what he did wasn't wrong but just saying people need to think about these things before bullying someone or as you know it "cancel culture" just something to think about.
    Ps. If you came in this video just to hate piss off.

  16. [Insert creative name here]

    I miss Shane. I'm disgusted by the way everyone went after him for decade old jokes that are nothing more than jokes.

  17. The Dope Show

    White girls b hella corny bruh

  18. lana mueller


  19. Jorgia Loch

    nice to see shane again

  20. Gorgi Hudgins

    Fucking haters man. Shane needs to come back. I fucking miss him. Shiii i have watched shane for years now and never once have i hated or disliked him. He is a fucking human and think people tend to forget that.

  21. Daydream 38

    Y’all completely canceled Shane but let people like Trisha Paytas, Idubbbz, Onision, Tony Lopez, Zoe. Etc slide. Ik Shane fucked up. You obviously can’t justify it in any way. Y’all canceled everyone else for like a month- you can’t just choose who gets canceled and who KEEPS a platform.

  22. Austin Degagne

    I miss Shane’s documentaries and stuff

  23. Amanda H.

    He shouldn’t have held in his throw up …, it prob made him feel worse shoulda let it all out when he first gagged

  24. Club Gamer Team


  25. justg97

    shane stay gone

  26. Macroni

    Lizzie just rubs me the wrong way.

  27. Salome Kvichidze

    Beginning is dramatic for no reason

  28. Salome Kvichidze

    Your editor sucks

  29. J D

    Killing pets isn't funny

  30. Talabata

    There is wayyy too much loud hyped up music. I watch Ryland's videos for his style, not Shane's

  31. Trystan Lewis

    I feel like 12 doughnuts should be easy to put away

  32. Alainna Walker

    Ryland: eats 5000 calories and gains 1 pound
    Me: watches this video and gains 5 pounds….

  33. Sofia Slováková

    so yall forgot what Shane did ? I thought y'all were serious with cancelling him …

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