10 Video Sport Reveals You Can Spot Early (If You Actually Look)

When you had been paying actually shut consideration, you would possibly’ve caught these twists early. For extra superior content material, try: Catch us …

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44 Thoughts to “10 Video Sport Reveals You Can Spot Early (If You Actually Look)”

  1. Ashleigh Klein

    There was more hints that Alice is an Android in Detroit: Become Human. For starts, she never eats during the game not has she complained of hunger. She also turns down food offers from Kara and Ralph, who gave another hint by telling Kara that Alice isn't a real girl.

    There is also a magazine in the game that depicts selling of android children and one of the models bears a striking resemblance to Alice. The section of Alice and Kara at Zlako’s place also gave more hints but the one that stood out was at Rose’s house when Alice asked Kara why humans hate them (as in androids).

    Nuff said.

  2. Sebastian Maritz

    Batman arkham city.
    It shows joker and you see joker is ill. He kicks you out of the window and you are free. Later it shows joker on the big screen healthy and well as it was a joke. What a person can notice when joker is talking look how the camera moves it usually very still this one it sways and hear slight coughing in the background half way through the game before strange orders the choppers to destroy arkham city.

  3. Jack Baxter

    Jess. Sorry love. But you just ain’t cutting for me. Can we just stick with who we’ve got here at what culture!

  4. Narita F

    You guys could show a list of the games that will be spoiled before the video starts, got a major spoiler from a game that i wanted to play before i could skip it, thanks

  5. Jedediah Coulbourne

    This channel is slowly becoming WatchMojo 2.0

  6. Rincevind007

    The Modern Warfare one was bullshit. It does not point in any way towards Shepard.

  7. Joseph Rowe

    New WhatCulture video 🙂

    It isn't Jules or Kirsten 🙁

  8. Simply Bookdreams

    Spoilers for the list are in the description box finally

  9. thecountalucard666

    Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines hints at the end of the game over and over again if you’re a Malkavian.

  10. Chris Martinez

    Mausers are german made pistols

  11. Marc Winkler

    Is it possible to get like a 10 best couch co op games that aren't fighters?

  12. david barnett

    She my new fav

  13. Slayer Runefrost

    Shepherd just had that air about him that you can tell he's gonna pull a dick move right from the get go. And as for Ava, "blood from the east flows in your vains"

  14. Craig Ferguson

    Borderlands 3, Calypso twins we're Typhon DeLeon's children. Clues they we're the leaders of the cult Children of the Vault – Typhon being the first vault hunter, second clue comes from the twins knowing all vault locations without a vault map, and information given through Typhon logs through out the game before the big reveal

  15. Lennon 1107


  16. ultimasora27

    Why does she remind me of Lorde??

  17. João Bertoncini

    Alice being an Android becomes painfully obvious later, when she goes days without eating or sleeping.

  18. Shane

    Sorry, but his name is Boy

  19. Duzny - Geya - Fock

    Life is strange was the most impactful. I never knew it would be that kind of story and I'm guessing most who decided to play it never expected it

  20. Exia

    2 words: Delicious pancakes

  21. Kazuki Katsuhito

    Man if you, guys mention, speak, ops one more time

  22. Zachrion

    15 seconds in, yay another spec ops the line list

  23. Chaotic Evil

    She's doing a baby voice because Americans can't understand intelligent adults. I love it.

  24. Steve O

    Cannot stand the new presenters i really don't wanna unsubscribe to the channel but it is inevitable I think

  25. DRCEQ

    I haven't played MGS5, but wouldn't having to create your character at the start of the game kind of give away the twist anyway? I mean, what were players expecting THAT segment of the game to result in?

  26. Archer Aguilar

    Also there's a drawing of Alice with her forehead bleeding since she took for the light thing ring that androids have

  27. protocal Anubis

    For those complaing about spoilers keep in mind you clicked the video
    These games are 2-10 years old y'all have had enough time to play them. They gave a brief 5 sec warning at the beginning and a list in the description that's warning enough for these old games if it was a new game then i would understand because unfortunately they have spoiled some major things before when the things where relevant but they usally put warnings over it so when you click you have time to leave. The way i look at this is there saving you time in some of theses horrid games expecaily spec ops the only good ones on the list ate the 2 reboots and of course metel gear

  28. BoondockRoberts

    Final Fantasy 13. Vanille starting with 3 ATB bars (everyone else had 2) and her brand having arrows in it shows she was a L'cie before the game even starts and she knew all along what was going on and was playing stupid to hide it.

  29. Clifton Sargent

    MGS5 info just blew my mind…..

  30. ADukesJustice

    Please stop saying check description for more info if there's no info there

  31. Isaiah Smith

    Tell me if I’m wrong, but mgs fans knows about Venom Snake in the 2nd game in the series so why is it a surprise that your not playing the real one in mgs5
    Again, tell me if I’m wrong cause maybe I’m missing something

  32. SticklsofDoom

    Another video skipped for "spoilers: see the description" but nothing in the description.

  33. Alexander Whiteclay


    In Twilight Princess, the keen-eyed will notice out-of-the-way locations that can only be reached with a second hookshot. These appear as early as you finding the first hookshot–much, much earlier in the game. This tips the player off to the second item almost as soon as they've acquired the first.

  34. J J

    The one about Modern Warfare 2 is a really loose connection

  35. Rico Jones26

    10 video game REVEALS. Hm I wonder if that means something will be spoiled if it’s REVEALING something. Should’ve realized what you were getting into lol

  36. Dubs Night City

    Jess is QUEEN, yo.

  37. Fireheart47

    Persona 5, the game subtlety teaches you the rules/mechanics of the Metaverse all the time in many scenes, and keen-eared players will pick up on Akechi being able to understand Morgana from the first interaction long before he’s revealed to be the culprit behind the psychotic breakdowns

  38. scorpio3110

    One of the most boring presenters of this channel. At least she isnt blatantly using her phone on screen

  39. Jonathon Robinson

    Downvoting because four lots of ads in a ten minute video is utterly ridiculous.

  40. Nathan Novak

    Bruh most of these are so damn obvious.

  41. Paul Bennett

    “Reveal” is a verb not a noun, same as “ask”.

  42. E.D Games

    Can't wait for God of war ragnorock to come out as I loved the first 4 especially the newest

  43. Writing Geek

    One word: Pancakes.
    If you know, you know.

  44. Ian Terry

    I'm actually a gigantic Norse mythology nut. The second they said here's a mistletoe Arrow I was like, I see what you did there.

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