10 INSANE New Upcoming Video games That Have Been Revealed | The Sport Awards 2020

New Subsequent-gen Anticipated PS5, Xbox Collection X & PC video games have been revealed at The Sport Awards 2020 and guarantees a tremendous future for video games in 2021!

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28 Thoughts to “10 INSANE New Upcoming Video games That Have Been Revealed | The Sport Awards 2020”

  1. MathChief - The Best of Gaming!

    What a night this was! Loved the Game Awards announcements this year! Which game looks the most exciting to you in this list?

  2. Forevergogo

    Did Ark ever leave beta state to a finished game?
    They got the nerve to sell it off as a full game, and quit fixing it and move on to a new one? D: Wow.

  3. Sladeofdark

    Everything so dark, everything so 'evil'.

  4. Martin Quintal


  5. Hunter Reese

    Yes all missing out on warhammer such a great series

  6. Nathalie Barriault

    You sound québécois!

  7. Artville Cinema

    This whole video is better than Cyberpunk 2077

  8. Vladimir Jelusic

    Really, it is time for some gooood single player games with great story and AI engines. Multiplayer games start to make me feel left out.

  9. Freerider

    I just bought Horizon Zero Dawn on sale on PS5 the other day, and this is the first time in years I've been overly impressed by a game, and it's even 3 years old. As Horizon Forbidden West looks to be a righteous sequel to that, I'll give that a go when it releases.
    I have to say that Crimson Desert does look promising, but as I have certain other games lined up I'll just keep that one on the backburner for now. Might have a look see if/when it goes on sale, if it hasn't flopped.

  10. Lio L

    at least you are showing Elite dangerous Odyssey. Serious channel. You have a new subscriber!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas and please continue the good work. Thank you 🙂

  11. Ryan Leach

    Most of these look terrible

  12. R2oor !

    All of them TPP except Odyssey ? It looks so weird to me to look at the game character all the time.

  13. DUAL 777

    Video games literally haven't improved for the past 10 years. The progress just stopped. Games like Crysis, RE5 have better graphics and physics than majority of games today. But I can agree that most games have somewhat better visuals than 5-10 years ago. Somewhat. But the huge problem I see is that they don't have any soul to it. Gameplay, story, atmosphere. It's absolute shit.

  14. Omar Kamel

    The ones that actually look interesting are Back 4 Dead, Crimson Desert, and Evil West. The rest kind of look like junk, tbh.

  15. Linh Nguyen

    Man, I wish the next Final Fantasy would look like Crimson Desert.

  16. Dave Madison

    no way they'll be better than Cyberpunk!!

  17. Clark Lewis

    Game list please?

  18. Lars Mattsson

    1 maybe 2 of those games are something I would ever play.

  19. Waylon

    I’m looking forward to Horizon forbidden west the most.

  20. Zwiesel66

    Beside the impressive graphics, all these games are about fighting and killing – boring – it seems game designers have lost their creativity, absolutely no new ideas, that's very sad.

  21. JaV P

    They better not screw up the new Mass Effect

  22. Ciccio Celik

    How come you can pronounce “Heist”
    But not you can’t pronounce “Happy” or “Horror”?

  23. **

    Is no one going to mention that Hood looks like an assassins creed rip off

  24. Rodney Toney

    Vin diesel doesn't look right. How hard would it be to get that right.

  25. Kuziai

    Crimson desert looks sick!

  26. Olivia P

    the best is literally at the end. many people will miss out if they leave too soon

  27. W W

    Trailer, not Thriller.

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